Please help: lost Kakul rehearsal entrance due to the maintenance

Hi Team,

As a party, I was doing the rehearsal for Kakul but saw the server maintenance notification in 15 minutes so we tried to quit before the maintenance but lost track of time so we got kicked out of it as soon as the maintenance dropped. When I logged back in after the server was up, I am seeing gate 2 as cleared, and so do all the party members.

Can you please help me to redeem the entrance chance? I can’t even do the normal run anymore. The character is Bomicola from Karta. Thank you very much.

Putting that DC due to maintenance aside, you do know that you won’t be able to do normal raid if you are doing Rehearsal on your 1475+ char? So not being able to do normal run is as expected.

Rehearsal and Normal Modes share a weekly lockout per character. A character that clears Rehearsal Mode first will not be able to do Normal Mode that week.