Please Help! screen has black inks

after the update the screen appeared a black things. it copies the game but when i move it comes with my screen

Issue with the driver of your gpu.
Nothing bad tho

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This is a well-known issue with the couple latest AMD drivers.
Do a roll-back to the latest whql 22.6.1, it will fix it.


Artist confirmed.

Moved this into the bugs and localisation category.

Thank you @Theolini for the solution, I’ll make a note of that in case it pops up again.

I’ll also make sure the team is aware of this.

I had this issue as well after I updated my AMD graphics card drivers to the latest version…supposedly it is supposed to make everything smoother and perform better but I got tons of stuttering and the same dark spots on your screen everywhere. Follows you until you change zones but then new dark spots appear.

Thanks for letting us know you’re having this issue as well, MrUlt. Every bit of information helps.

This issue has now been resolved with the latest AMD driver 22.8.2 for me :slight_smile:

Good info. Thanks for keeping us informed!

Glad to hear!