Please help with my Artillerist (Korean balance patch) build

I am seeking help to build a “Wheelchair” Barrage Artillerist that is bis setup for AFTER we get the KR balance update. Why is this information so hard to find?

What engravings should I use?
Barrage Enhancment
Hit Master
???4th one???

Which 6 tripods are most important?

What relic set do I use?

Do I get Crit or Swift on Neck?

Thank you very much.

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Hello, there is this document that covers Artillerist post changes at the very end of the document and it’s a WIP. I hope it helps, and keep an eye on it for future updates.

All out attack is after barrage most needed engraving after new patch for wheelchair build.

Keenblunt 4th. As barrage = crit now.

Spec/crit. If can get adrenaline 1-2 even better.

Relic - hallucinations for more crit possible choice since playing budget build 4 engraving only.

there are two sets now that are viable. After choosing one you will be able to setup your engravings.

Its halucination, that gives you crit and also damage . Then you go barrage , all out attack, grudge, hitmaster and KBW.

Or salvation and then you go barrage, all out attack, adrenaline, grudge, hitmaster/KBW.

Adrenaline+keen blunt should be next. Get adrenaline first because you don’t have enough crit for Keen Blunt.

You could just get adren 2 + KB 3 if you’re cheap and you won’t lose much dps.

This is my 6th character and will sit at Vykas for a LOOOONG time.

I only want 4x3 (maybe +1 if it’s cheap when I’m looking)

So far ppl have mentioned Adrenaline, Keen Blunt and All-Out-Attack as 4th engraving options.

Which one is the best? Does Wheelchair have any bonus crit rate after the update?

It 40% in wheelchair that why keenblunt good on barrage now. And FPE doesn’t use keenblunt anymore.

If you’re gonna sit at vykas for a long time and want to just cheap out just get hitmaster.

Since you only going 4-3. As i said the recommended is: The build will be Spec/Crit

Adrenaline 1 or 2 none if u don’t want. (The others on top are your main Dps skills)

Get hallucinations set for +15% crit that basically your adrenaline 3.

If you 5-3 than you go salvation set with allout etc for max dmg

KBW is too expensive for him if he’s trying to save money.

4-3 is cheap dude. Go double class engraving barrage with epic books. That +18. Than abiltiy stone 6-6 and buy remaining gear. It less than 15k i would say. Make sure go for high quality as your spec build must have high spec. Even if you pay a bit more it worth it.

Hitmaster would be my 3rd engraving.


what is number 4 AFTER the balance patch goes through (which I’ve heard greatly reduces you crit chance??)

Shouldn’t be too bad. 4 engravings u can get anything for pretty much same price.

Spec/Crit neck?
5x3 is Barrage, HM, KBW, Grudge, AoA?
How would u have enough crit for KBW if u use salvation with this setup?

40% from barrage. 16-18% from crit neck. 7% from cards. 10% from party synergy.

I think adrenaline instead of HM.

Im going to run Barrage,HM,KBW, Adrenaline,AoA. One day ill swap HM to grudge, but i hit a 7x7 hit master stone that i found. Im also spec/swift Hallucination.

Guys after Korean patch you cant go in wheelchair build without all out attack. Because you 2 main skill outside wheelchair are holding and your 2 main dmg skill in wheelchair are holding skills. And this is 20% attack speed and 20% dmg. So this is a must for wheelchair build.

Other things mentioned below.

People really want to justify kbw for some reason. Probably because they already purchased it. Building this 3 skill build will be a huge mistake. Its so boring and you can’t even use it in clown, because he requires you to move a lot.

What wrong with KBW LOL - it give like 18% dmg at 60% Crit.