Please help. Wrongful Ban

Hello, I’m not sure how much this will help but my girl’s account has been banned wrongfully. She has tried to appeal but it ruled against for “cheating”. She has never used any bot programs, sold gold or bought gold or participated in any RMT outside of what she has spent in game. My one guess is maybe her erratic disconnecting from having a POS pc (which has since been replaced. we have a $1900 receipt as proof but this was after the fact she got banned). We can’t find any means to contact support other than by opening a ticket or appeal (which was promptly denied 5mins later). Also, she doesn’t record her play so she has no proof of whatever she is being accused of. I am actually thinking about quitting myself if it doesn’t get sorted. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @soster !

Unfortunately, forum staff has no access to the tools needed to review ban appeals, the only way to appeal a ban is to create a Ban Appeal Ticket so that the moderation team can review the information.

Hope this helps.