Please hide gunslingers guns while adventuring

What kind of a sick, Daniel Radcliffe in Guns Akimbo impersonating, gun toting maniac never lets go of their pistols when talking to other people? Other classes all can holster their weapons or set them aside but nah, I have to dexterously eat food with hands while juggling a magnum in my hands.

It’s breaking my immersion REEEEEE


I started as a gunslinger from the start so you can imagine my surprise on one of the first cut scenes you get if you exiting a wagon and my gunslinger has her gun pointed at his head. I’m yelling “why are you going to shoot him!?! he just helped us.” It wasn’t until I made an alt that I realized you were just saying thanks to the guy and not trying to rob him. lol

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Deathblade has 3 weapons and has a stow, im sure most DE/GS more than happy if they just used a similar idea, obviously the weapon in use would be visually un-stowed. This will cause some clipping issues as is already present with other classes but would still be preferable to having no stow at all imo.