PLEASE, I'm begging... Suggesting?!?!

I know the game doesnt have this, I would just like to beg and plead for it, just try it out, I know I sound pathetic and crazy, just hear me out.

Please allow, or put in some kind of server transfer. Waiting 3 hours on a weekend to get through a 20k que is really very irritating.

But wait! There’s more! An idea, a request, a… idk, a… feature?:
How about a “specialty server” or “premium server”. One that features 2 factor authentication for a Monthly sub (that includes crystalline benefit), and allows for partial character changes. Thinks like Makup, Hair, Hair color, etc… maybe it costs gold, idk… just spitballin’.

I would happily pay $15-20 a month. I think others, possibly/likely many, would as well.

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