Please increase char level limit for instant name release

If you gained even one level (which is my case) you need to wait 60 days for name release.

I think the level limit for instant release should be around level 20 or so.


I get the CMs care a lot about the community, but they screwed over so many of their “beloved” CCs it’s not even funny. We had a resource post where a lot of CCs twitch IDs/yt links were posted - and then guess what happened on Tuesday, most of us had our names sniped, a lot of us with names you wouldn’t usually find on other games (unless played by the same person) so it was clearly quite deliberate.

I don’t have any actual faith in them handling instant name release even properly. The damage has been done.


So wait, if I delete a character (over level 10) I can’t reuse that name for 60 days? Who’s braindead idea was that?


The moment you basicly gain 1 level your character name is done for… Kinda harsh. You can get that level within 30min of the game. Please exetend that cap or do something else. This is kinda ridiculous, imo.


If use ticket i will not need to wait 60 days?

@ar.komas i think so

This is so stupid especially at the moment when players are changing servers to group up with firends… Myself tried the game on launch day, did couple quests in town to get lvl 11 and now the character name is lost.

Contacted support via chat but nothing they can do.


Yeah, I would doubt the support could do something about this since, it’s something coded, inside the system. We need dev to actually do something about it.

To be fair, the game still has greater issues than character names right now. They’re still fixing their launch.

For my part since the game is free, I’ll lay back and relax and just play something else. We waited 3yrs since the 1st launch of the game. We can still wait. Heck, if more players do like I do, the population might plummet and the devs could actually do something about it.

I can’t think of a worse idea in order to protect someone’s name lol. Like if i just wanna give my character’s nickname to a new character i would delete the first and i would make the new one with that same name right away… the chances that someone is gonna take it in that time frame are so low that is almost impossible to happen. Instead wait 60 days? hey, I just started playing! About the 24h deletion waiting time i changed my mind about it. I thought it was a bit extreme at first, but happened just few days ago that i was deleting a character, and just few hours before the process was complete i didnt want cancel it anymore so i saved it. ( i didn’t mind to loose the character being only lvl21, but the name stuck for 60 days yes. ) 24h waiting time to delete a character maybe It’s not a bad idea, the real issue seems that level 11 is way too low to give a character these restrictions i think, considering that we start at level 10 and it takes just few minutes to advance.


I’m sorry, but this just does not make sense.

A: Why there are different rules based on the character progression? Sorry, but this is burning me the most I think, since instead of researching different forums I just tried what I thought I will do… Create a character with given name, delete it, re-use the name. That worked… So I went ahead and tried the same thing on another character which unfortunately had couple mins of playtime… And then I learn - you need to wait a day until you can actually delete it. And after that day you learn - sorry, you need to wait 60 days to re-use your name.

B: If we accept that the different rules might make sense, why it is (basically) if you never logged in, you are OK… If you played for 5 mins, sorry, you’re done… I am really interested why it is like that, why someone thought that is the idea the world needed.

C: Why there is a lockout period at all? If it would be “protection” then yes, let there be lockout periods, but not for your own account, right? I have claim for that name on my account… Just why I can’t use it right away? Also… If deleted characters are not possible to restore (as the in game warning says) just why it is there at all… It is not like someone will want to go back, since it is impossible, so… Why not just release it right away, I seriously would like to understand…

Related topic is - why can’t I delete my character right away? Maybe I haven’t played the characted for a while and I am out of slots and I want to try another one… Sorry try it tomorrow.

And yes, it is “just a name”. But this is MMORPG… and the RPG in there still has some value… So for many people those names REALLY ARE important. Some of us put a lot of thoughts and effort into naming our characters and we REALLY DO CARE. And yes, this impression is skewed a bit, but imagine “just wait for 60 days”… In a game released 6 days ago.

Sorry for the rant, but even though this is not game breaking by any means and might not even seem important to “half” of the community, the other “half” really cares and it seems like something that should not be really hard to “fix” for us.



I don’t know of any other game that has such a ridiculous naming rule.

Maybe, if they get enough negative reviews on Steam etc., they will think again and change this?

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Does purchasing a name change token bypass this 60 day limit?**


It can’t. I deleted chars beyond 11 level then created new ones. It says the name is taken so names not get deleted from database before 60 days it seems if the char was 11 level or higher. A ticket can’t bypass that. It’ll still say name is taken.

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I didnt understand. Have u bought the ticket or deleted the char?

I deleted them and some of them were only 11 level but I can’t choose those names anymore.
There is no system to bypass that 60 days if you delete or buy a ticket, doesn’t matter. Because those names are still in the logs for 60 days, not free to use till 60 days passes.

This guy have shared his experience about ticket, but dunno if still working.

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Actually no, I got the first level up after like 3 minutes…
I also wonder how a character can be below level 10 since they say “When a character that is Level 10 or lower is deleted”. I mean you start with level 10. They are literally trolling us.

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New characters are level 1. It’s also likely the rule has been in the game since before the character prologues got axed.

At least let the players test the class till level 20. Even better remove the lock entirely for accounts who used the name before.

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IMO opinion this is a predatory practice. This is beyond ludicrous. The cap could easily be raised to avoid this issue. Instead, its implemented as it is, and yes you can connect the dots and see the whole buy a name change from the store at the end of the road as the solution, hence calling it a predatory practice.

And before anyone decides to jump all over me for my use of terminology, this is the definition of predatory practice as used by the supreme court. - inclined or intended to injure or exploit others for personal gain or profit predatory pricing practices

Ah, someone with debate sense! I like it!

Presuming, of course, that it’s an intentional decision. It could be that there are other “behind the scene” reasons why it is that way and its an oversight that requires too much work to fix based on the code of the game.

I’m not arguing that its right or that you’re wrong to be upset by it, simply offering perhaps another perspective on the issue that might provide some value. It may not be a predatory practice, because it seems a really roundabout way to do the system that you could exploit a lot more simply.

Just some thoughts from a random internet dude who might be way too optimistic and naĂŻve about things.