Please Increase Class Cadence-100th time asking! (Or just release artist)

@Roxx I’m going to be honest, with how long it took to release the roadmap I was expecting the “Mona Lisa” of roadmaps, of course that did not happen. Switching out arcana in like 2 weeks time for lancemaster, the fact that summoner was already in the game, proves classes are ready to be put in the game . On top of the fact that Gold river(if I remember correctly) said that most things were already localized.

SO PLEASE LISTEN (like you guys claim you do), people have been telling you basically since the game released to release MORE CLASSES FASTER what more data do you need, people have been vocal. Give me one solid reason as to why we cant have 2+ classes released a month IF THEY ARE ALREADY READY.

What do people think, should we just suck it up and take 2 classes every 2-3 months, or am i just off base with wanting classes faster.

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