Please increase gold rewards for T3 Abyss Dungeon and Argos

Since you lower the gold rewards from early stages to combat against bots, the gold require for crafting stuffs and honning are still the same. Could you please increase the gold amount rewards from abyss raids dungeons since it will help actual players and not bots since im sure not all bots will actually spend time doing abyss raids / argos to make gold

Heck even remove most of the gold from horizontal contents and move them into raids might be a better solution to deal with bots, yes it might hurts the casual players or those that mainly play for horizontal contents but then they arent focusing on getting to the end game asap anyway

If it at Argos the gold nerfs not even affect you as u already got all that gold so I don’t get how that’s a solution xD removing it from early game to put into end game not seems like a valid solution xD

They could easily add it like some sort of a first time clearance rewards since they completely nerf /removed the rewards we basicly get 0 instead of some gold and i would take some small amount of gold over 0 any days