Please just implement 2FA and/or phone number verification

Like the title says. It’s literally the easiest way to combat bots. It hurts no one and offers account security. Please at least just try it. Worst case you helped people secure their accounts.

Also remove gold mailing. I don’t know of anyone who mails gold that isn’t a bot. It just doesn’t happen.


Seriously amazon, why are you so against this solution? Personally, I’d be fine with having to upload a pic of my government issued identification, even if I had to reupload every time it expired.

Given the monteary value of a character who is 1415+, I’m surprised that 2FA isn’t a thing. I’ve personally known people who have had their regular Amazon accounts compromised. It’s only a matter of time before someone has their Lost Ark account compromised.

It wouldn’t be hard to implement since this game is launched through Steam, who already has a mobile/email 2FA system in place via SteamGuard. It has to be active for 15 days to use the Steam Marketplace. Seems like a no-brainer since they’ve already implemented the “trusted” system. Not without its flaws, but if it frees up the resources from people reporting bots via forums and tickets, those resources could be diverted to expediently help those who do run into issues with SteamGuard.

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Yes the game should have mfa. But only because it protects legit accounts from compromise. Not because it would stop bots.

All they need to do is create a trial 365 tenancy with business voice trial licenses, direct all the bot a account mfa to that then create a new trial 25 days later when it expires

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They could just as easily require an auth app like google authenticator. Google apps are notorious for blocking automation.