Please keep the golden frog forever

It reversed inflation by itself and made people happy to buy engraving books at the same time


I do think that it does not need manual enabling/disabling, since players will simply stop buying from the Frog if market prices get too low and/or value of gold gets too high. Then after some time prices will rise and people will again buy a few things from Frog. It will basically self-regulate itself based on the price of goods in the vendor and market.
You can already see how fast prices are starting to bounce back after weekly reset, so if they remove the Frog then it will have to come back soon after anyway.


I support this post. The frog has to be permanent to stop inflation

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Guess so, should be only enabled when gold exchange gets ridiculously high

I’m expecting it to be “temporary” like events are “temporary”. Events are basically just a part of the game now. Just another source of mats same as doing your chaos or GR. They chose this path instead of just boosting normal rewards probably because a “temporary” event has an element of FOMO attached to it so you push players to engage with it more.

I expect the same for the frog. It’s value to players and the economy is too strong to leave.

After some time the frog wont be worth anymore, because the prices will drop to a point where it wont be worth to gamble on the golden frog shop.

As others have said, bringing this little frog whenever we have huge inflation issues is a better option than having it permanently.

And im also very happy with how fast this frog solved our inflation issues :slight_smile: .

They can’t keep the frog event forever - it provides way too many mats to players. Mats that can be sold through amazing punika growth packs and thanksgiving bundles :smiley:

Well the frog is in game just for that, to help inflation.

But having it permanent is a bad solution i think. There will be no reason to have AH in game then, because prices will be set by these shops and frog. 90% of books will be for 100g or less, the rest 10% will be for 1000g. 0 reason to play and try to earn gold, making powerfull character will be simple and cheap, new fresh accounts will be max level with 5x3 in week. Do you really want to play game like this? Where materials are worthless and noone use market

Have they said when the frog shop is leaving?