Please keep the silly in game costumes to a minimal

I don’t know…I maybe alone in this but, I think for a game that has a serious theme to the story should have cosmetic’s to reflect that. There nothing more immersion breaking then being a kick ass warrior in a world full of danger and then have someone pull up on a My little pony mount or floating bed wearing a Barney dinosaur costume, it just pulls me out of the game. Please for the love that’s all Role Playing keep the mushroom kingdom out of the NA version of Lost Ark or keep it to a minimal my two cents, now I will return to my hole thank you.


I don’t think you are going to win this fight here. You are going to raid with cows and mokoko so you might as well get used to it lol.


I’m not a fan of those silly skins either but to each their own. I only care about what my character looks like and people are free to do whatever they want with theirs.




You know your right, but maybe their should be a option to only see default player skins or turn these skins off if so desired for people like me who this applies, because it like combing my hair in the wrong direction for me.


The response

I knew I would get for someone named [ArcticZack]

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Yes im pretty sure AGS going to cut his income only to please you.


Umm, sure I’m not alone in this. I’ve heard many players mention this as somewhat of a annoyance. So it not to please me, but people like me.


Let people enjoy whatever they want, I dont like those skins either but man… just dont use them.


Well there are ppl who find silly what you like. So lets remove everything right? Grow up finaly. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Never going to happen. If you dont like it dont look there.


Those outfits you don’t like are part and parcel of what makes Lost Ark well… Lost Ark. Removing them from the store because you and others do not like them is akin to basically tossing out the games identity in mixing serious outfits with more silly outfits. It’s also how Korean MMO’s are… you are always going to have the skimpy and silly outfits present in some fashion.


I don’t plan to but, what do I know I’m just a boomer old school gamer…I leave the silly stuff for you zoomers.

Silly stuff? You mean like fighting in armor what is enough for 10 main battle tank? :rofl:


Thanks that would be really nice

What do floating bed mounts have to do with the story of Lost Ark? is my point.
The other skins like the skimpy outfits don’t bother me. It like playing Super Mario with blood everytime you stomp a goomba it just looks out of place.

But… those are my favorite part :frowning:


They don’t and I never tried to say they had anything to do with the story. What they do have to do with is the artistic visual look that Smilegate has decided to go with. It’s the world they built and those kinds of silly mounts (and outfits) are part of the world and aesthetic.


Now I understand, what you want is skinpy outfits, because they are way more lore friendly… of course.
Why dont you ask for mokokos in bikini? Maybe you would be able to enjoy them in skimpy clothes


Ok, we will go with that…didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers or ask for censorship.

This!!! then we are good.

Troll? no bridge here my friend, just expressing my thoughts to the community.