Please learn from Director Moon

I am just queueing up for Mari that has 8K wait line at 8:30am in a weekday…

I am pretty sure not that many people are trying to play lost ark at this time of the day. AGS states that bots are their priority, and I actually, truly do believe it is. But the problem is that you’re miserably failing to address the issue, and from player’s point of view, it just doesn’t seem that way. And lack of communication is spiraling things worse.

The reason Director Keum Kang Sun was so praised was not because he made the game perfect. It was because he was clear in communication; he admitted wrong and apologized if they did something wrong. He’d not give out excuses to self justify; he’ll say straight up ‘what we did was a mistake and we’ll do everything to revert the wrong decision. I am sorry about you having to suffer from our missed decision making.’ That calmed all the angry people down and made them into advocates.

You guys have the same chance. I understand this was an issue you guys didn’t expect to blow this much out of hand. Korea won’t have the same extent of an issue because they require social security number to create an account, and have to verify with your cell phone number (which you can’t make unless you provide your social security card). So this is an issue that happens with localizing. Doesn’t mean you have to sit on your hands.

Give us feedback on what you’re doing. I’ve seen so many good suggestions and feedback here on the forum from people who write because they love this game and want to continue love this game. It’s not just entitled whiners and Karens here; we’re spending our precious time because we want lost ark to still persist. We don’t want to give up on this game.

  • please perma ban any RMT users. Think of it as a long term investment; they won’t get much pity from people anyways. Attack the demand side; because trying to stop supply has not worked so far.

  • can you stop people from China…? I’ve been having to quit so many karkosas because of weird named characters not knowing mech and refusing to communicate (we were all willing to teach)

  • implement captcha / verified credit card / amazon prime / subscription of a kind to give the game a hurdle for bots

  • till the genius engineers of yours find a way to stop bots, buy some time to hire GMs and manually ban bots. I’m willing to work part time minimum wage for you guys if you need help ; and my normal rates are 150 an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

… honestly I should stop, because you are already all aware of this. Hey, just communicate with us. It’s a chance to change all these complainers into your fans. If a problem is this obvious, it’s rather a chance than hindrance.

I think the limitations for a paid Live MOD is quite expensive, given how many servers, how man instances, how many maps and regions.

Diminishing returns, given it is a F2F generally.

Your suggestions have been reflected in other threads on here. I remain pessimistic this will be dealt with in a timely manner, i.e this year.

Problem they have is they are not against one bot maker, but several thousands, all with their own different programs and who have a back end team updating and milking more RMT than AGS can afford to spend on counter fraud. Sad but reality. Security it seems is the last thing on every business’s minds

They should just read my post entirely and implement the solution proposed.