Please let us know if Tripod changes will be in Sept Update

@Roxx has said several times that they will let us know once they know.

Just wanted to check in and see if there is any news on this or if they are able to find out. If it is coming this month we really need time to prepare and sell/buy tripods. Having it be announced the day before in patch notes would be a mess.




they already gave EVERYONE the roadmap…

These NEW updates tripod/skill blance/visuals happened AFTER the roadmap announcement.

Using common sense and a 9 year olds mentality I think anyone can come to the conclusion that it would not be coming during the aug/sep roadmap so wait for next roadmap.



If you are clueless, dont bother replying, stuff like these werent included in any roadmap, they were included in the actual patch notes, and people are asking for confirmation for that, you pointing them out to the roadmap shows your actual room temperature IQ.

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While there is no shot we’re getting Tripod in Sept, you are showing a lack of common sense yourself.

We have gotten multiple QoL changes that were not mentioned in any road maps.

theres 0 chances to get trypod update this month lol hopefully next month

No go use common sense and realize that when KR got the tripod update they had advance notice like 2 weeks? advance notice?

educated guesses and using 20IQ like me can even realize that the most likely thing is it will more than likely be addressed in next roadmap and giving people advance notice.


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That’s all irrelevant since you suggested we only get changes that roadmaps mention, which is completely untrue.

We got the 1st balance patch almost immediately with destroyer, and it came out after that roadmap.

bruh this new tripod update using KR advance notice more than explains for itself.

ANYONE expecting it this sep update are literally reaching

I don’t disagree with that, I’m just pointing out you’re being foolish by insulting people.

It’s pretty clear by this point that road maps are just guidelines and don’t tell us everything that is coming. One might say based on previous patterns, it is common sense.

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it’s not…

the NUMBER ONE rule ok?

that people have to realize and will always remain true …

is this…listen carefully

“Past Performance Is Not Indicative Of Future Results”

this is a life lesson you’d do well to remember

Maybe you should put the shovel down?

You’re agreeing with me and pointing out your own logic doesn’t work. Just because they did it in a certain way in Korea doesn’t mean they’re going to do it the same way for us.

Just leave it be, guy is just something else, we never get advance notice on stuff, we get patch notes the day before maint, we have roadmaps being incomplete when compared to actual patch notes, and the guy still believes his stuff, hes actually flat earth believer lvl, not worth anyone’s time.

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Ehh, I get the impression English is just a second language for him and he’s just communicating rather poorly.

It’s extremely unlikely the tripod change is coming, but depending on roadmaps for QoL changes is certainly foolhardy.

I agree, i dont expect them either, but when you have literal proof that roadmaps isnt the final word ever and you still believe “if the roadmap doesnt show it it isnt coming” then its just pointless to go on.

ok dudes let’s all expect the un expected seems like the most likely outcome.

that totally makes sense even I can’t debate with that 10IQ logic

they made it so clear use your brains

do you see any tripod updates?



Amazon gives us our info. Just cuz korea got notice from smilegate doesnt mean we will.

if you zoom in really hard you can see the unexpected tripod update