PLEASE let us re-run raids for no rewards

I just hit something of a breaking point. I finally pushed my Artillerist up to 1415, got a build I’m proud of, and I was ready to take on Valtan. Hopped into a group, crushed gate 1, then during the first Balthor cheese of Gate 2, the raid leader was late on the Sidereal cast and I died to the first hit. I was the only one in the party to die, so they kept on without me. And they cleared it.

I was waiting for a while to finally do the Valtan fight on my Artillerist, and I completely missed it. I can’t enter again until next week. This is the best content in the game, it’s the best Lost Ark has to offer, but if I want to run that content more than once per week, I need another alt at that ilvl.

These raids are super fun, I don’t understand why we’re not allowed to re-run raids without any rewards. I want practice, I want to play that content again, and there is no way to do that. I don’t mean that only I won’t get rewards, I mean that the entire party gets zero rewards whether they clear or not. A “practice mode” is the best term I can think of for it. This will prevent supports or carries from getting paid to help others through their weekly clears.

I wanted to show my friend why he should play Lost Ark, so I wanted to show him a legion raid. The problem is that I had already done all of my runs for the week, so I couldn’t show him the activity that the game is most loved for. Is there some problem that I’m not anticipating?

I find myself feeling like I have nothing to do each week after my raids are done. I would love to be able to hop into a practice pug and either offer to teach people the fight or dick around with a group of friends without the pressure of “gotta get that clear”.

Please, I want to play the game. Let me.


you’ll get hell mode with july update, that doesn’t give any rewards, and has no weekly lockout


As much as I know the feel that for practice and fun one try before lockout sucks, but carry busses would become such an insanely huge part of the game which will hurt the game way more

So bot managers can have one 1490 repeatedly carrying bot accounts through Oreha to generate gold?


Surprising idea, I wonder why nobody had it before

Oh wait

Reread the post please

reread the post please

It isn’t that hard to prevent.
Just don’t mix the normal and the “practice”.
The busses argument doesn’t stand either, just make the “practice run” separate, with no reward whatsoever.

edit : to make it clear, I think we should have a “practice” difficulty for all raid, with no reward (and free consumables if possible).

As far as I can remember, finishing hell mode give you a title and a pet iirc. Other than that, you’re actually spending golds on battle items a lot. Still have no idea why the game doesn’t provide you the items for hell mode use only, just like runes/engravings/stats

Sorry, I skipped over the whole practice mode thing. I guess Hell is as close as you can get although KR seems to be adding mechanic practices for brel and clown from what I’ve heard so maybe (unlikely) they will revisit Valtan and Vykas and make them practicable to but I doubt it

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the “practice” you are referring is only for abrel when only one person is sent to another room to fight the solo pvp boss, it’s to practice that fight without holding back 7 other people

it only gives vanity stuff, and true you pay for your own battle items, they don’t give those for free because you don’t know how many you will use, and some might exploit this by going in over and over again, just to get the battle items, and reworking this system so that people can’t exploit the free battle items is more pain than it’s worth

Ah yes, the hardest challenge of 2022 is making sure that battle items don’t persist in your inventory when leaving one specific activity. Yes poor devs.

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