PLEASE localize the price of Royal Crystals to each country's currency

With the Battle Pass comming, players that want to progress quick will have to buy the battle pass so they won’t fall behind the players who do buy it, with that said, we get to the point I want to make: Royal Crystals price not being localized to a country’s currency is a problem.
Every SA player have to buy Royal Crystals in dollar price, so let’s make a comparation: USA minimum wage in 2021 was 1,256.7 USD, the % required to buy The Premium battle pass is 25/1,256.7 = 1,99% , while The Super Premium is 60/1,256.7 = 4,77% of the minimum wage.
That fair, right? You pay arround 2% and 5% to get the battle passes, seems reasonable, except it’s not when you have this price for countries in South America.
I live in Brazil, so I will be doing the calculation in Reais (BRL). 1 USD = 4.62 BRL
The minimum wage in Brazil was BRL 1,100 in 2021 (you can see that even before exchanging it’s less that the USA minimum wage)
The 15 USD Royal Crystal package cost 114 BRL while the 60 USD cost 279 BRL
The % required to buy The Premium battle pass in BRL is 114/1100 = 10,36% , the required % to buy The Super Premium battle pass is 279/1100 = 25,36%
You see the problem here, right? The 2% and 5% of the minimum wage becomes 10% and 25%, this is a QUARTER of you sallary going into a game.
Is the South American countries financial situation a Smile Gate/Amazon problem? No, but if you get for example Steam, every game has it’s BRL cost, making it more acessible so more people will buy it and not only who can spend lots of money in games.
After all that, what I ask is find a way to localize the in game currency prices in every country if possible, so more people will buy it instead of just whales.