Please make coop battle available at all times

Why is this pvp mode only available for a limited time each day? It should be available at all times like the other pvp modes.

Time limited content isn’t fun, especially for those who may have to work during the time that this is available.


100% agree makes no sense to limit content availiability

Hate the fact that you can really only play 7-10 games if your lucky, best PvP experience in the game so far and its only available for 2 hours a day. Extremely tragic.

I agree! If not making it available at all times, please at least consider extending the available play hours to more than 2 per day. It would be great if we could at least double that to 4 hours in the evening. Having it available for only the small 2 hour window makes for very limited gameplay of a very enjoyable pvp mode!


Keep the dream alive!

Please remove time restrictions on Co-op Battle or drastically increase the time frames.

Work, family, someone else working, all these and more get in the way of having 2 or 4 friends available in that 2hr period. Let alone if we ourselves are even available then.

Would love to know the design philosophy behind this, because it’s literally a flip-switch solution for more varied PvP experiences. Big fan of the devs overall, but this is confusing.