Please make cosmetic items region-wide

Please make cosmetic items (like mounts, pets, skins) region-wide because currently they are only server-wide.
The launch is a disaster, the character creation on my server closed after less than 5 minutes so basically my friends can’t join and probably I have to search a new server if I want to play with them.
Why are they even bound to the server? It just limits the freedom of the players. They can’t just switch a server if they want to keep their cosmetics.
I mean yeah, it’s a Korean MMO but can’t you just “westernize” it a little bit more? Most people in the western regions are used to account-wide cosmetics, regardless which server they are playing on.
Most popular MMOs have fully region-bound cosmetic items.

This topic isn’t about the founders packs, this is about all cosmetic items like Twitch drops.