Please make prices more competitive to combat RMT

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no whale nor do I swipe regularly. However when I do wanna get some gold to try and get ahead in certain things I feel like im getting ripped off. I can see why big spenders take the risk for RMT cause if you do it legit you only get a quarter of what you would get from RMT.

This is horrible and continues to decline, I don’t know how most people will take this post but as someone who wants to swipe every so often I cant help but feel like im burning money with such low return. I get spending money in a game that doesn’t need you too is already burning it but I just got my bonus and would like to spend it on something I play casually and enjoy.

Please if a CM sees this please try and get something done about this. And if anyone else has any thoughts and opinions please share!

EDIT: Also Stoopz made a great point about stuff like this.

Unless that goes to 2k gold per trade in youd be a fool to out money in there.

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you are asking wrong people. CM/AGS can’t do much about it (except tripling or quadrupling pheon price, if that’s what you wish).

Instead you should be convincing all players in your region to not sell their crystals at these price. If they all feels the same way as you do, prices will go up, I guarantee that.

It won’t make it cheaper then RMT tho. Because RMT will ALWAYS set price lower to cover the risk and such. That’s another rule.

I’m looking up for your other ideas once you understand these two things. Enjoy the game :slight_smile:

Ok people make up you rminds.

Gold price goes up - “I can’t afford blue crystals”
Gold price goes down - “I can’t buy gold its not worth it”

Players set the market.

I was planning on buying my 2nd engraving yesterday because I thought prices would go down. Well the one I wanted went up 50% and the currency exchange lost at least 15% in value in a day due to Amazon once again putting nothing of value in the cash shop.

I ended up just buying the special costume deal and 2 extra panthers and calling it a day. Such a missed opportunity by Amazon, but I’m not surprised at this point.

Never said it wasn’t, but something they CAN do is change the value of how many crystals.

What the problem look good to me

Im well aware they have no power in that area but they have direct communication to the people who do. Thats why im asking them.

Thats just unrealistic and not good enough to combat the rampant RMT

Im aware it will be cheaper but if you make it slightly more competitive RMT sites wont make as much profit and people will see that you can get a good amount with a ban.

Thanks man, I know the market is player ran but they can easily change the number of how many crystals are taken with each purchase.

Problem is 4 grand gets you 1 mil gold legit and 1.2k gets you 1 mil gold with RMT. I get prices will always be cheaper but that margin is way to big and ridiculous.