Please make the AH better

I decided to finally buy some relic accessories today so I took sometime to search around the VERY SLOW AH, I inputted the settings I am looking for, then clicked search, looked for the highest quality product, bought it… ONLY to figure out that the search didn’t go through because AH is so slow. Lost some gold and pheons.

I’m not asking for compensation because it’s my fault for not fully checking the item before buying but, would you consider the following?

If the AH “has too many adventures searching” and a search didn’t go through, could you make sure to keep the search results blank instead of the last searched item?

Also, with relisting, I have an item that has 1minute left but the relist button is still greyed out, am I missing something?

it looks ur decision is a bit slow given the AH traffic jam has happened a week already since the last maintenance.