Please nerf Flame Fox Yoho more

The nerfs to the fox’s health are completely unnoticeable. She still has waaaaay too much hp. I just got out of a run that took 15+ minutes to do after failing another run that took 15 mins as well with 22% of her health still up. Thats absolutely insane for low level content. Its not even remotely fun. Everyone in both groups were complaining about the changes being negligible as well. You shouldnt have to have tier 2 gear to beat a tier 1 boss


I was carrying people through that before the nerfs… uh what exactly is the problem?


As a bard, I recommend you to run with one, the dps buffs, shields, and debuffs make flame fox yoho much easier and faster. You do lose a dps for a bard, yes, but with shields and dmg reduction you can commit more and risk more, and you still get the dmg buffs aswell. Try it, promise you won’t be disappointed :+1:

If it’s not fun, don’t do it. “It’S IrReLEvAnT CoNtEnt,” right? Make a pre-made group of people that know the fight if you really want to do it. Bring whirlwind grenades, panaceas, and protective potions. It’s not that bad. If you’re matchmaking and constantly failing, then people aren’t pulling their weight and using consumes.

This isn’t a “OP plz nerf” issue.


or just bring a t2 shadowhunter with demon spec and go afk while they solo it?


Oh yes, getting carried is totally an acceptable solution. That’ll go down fine in T3 when no one wants to group with people unwilling to do mechanics. Thankfully they can’t nerf other players.


well he wasn’t talking about mechanics, he was talking about lack of dps to be honest

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How about you go and play a different and easier game instead of asking for nerfs?


I’m just trying to understand how he lived for 15 minutes with 4 people and didn’t finish it with 22% health remaining. Like… 1 healer and 3 support? How does that work?

You dont… you just cant faceroll your keyboard and hope to clear it…


Rolled my face across the keyboard as demon spec and wiped it out in 4 minutes flat with 3 people thanking me for the carry, 2 of which were dead. Bring some fire power.

I don’t get these kind of attitudes. Instead of thinking you weren’t good enough or wanting to improve you instead ask to nerf it into the ground so even your dog could clear it randomly whacking his paw off your keyboard.

Real life doesn’t work like this so why should a game?


Even then, there are games that tick these boxes. Why come to a korean game, which should tell you what kind of experience you’re in for, and proceed to complain when it’s not what you wanted? The response should be to leave or adapt. This isn’t directed at the OP particulary, just the loudest voices crying for nerfs. These aren’t actual casuals, they’re bads looking for a free ride.


Wasnt yoho the only guardian that received a HP nerf? She should be easier now.

My dps is fine. I usually get mvp in chaos and guardians. This fight is just trash. Her health is still well above the korean version. Im just asking them to give us the real version so its clearable in the 5-8 minutes the director says it should take. When the guy running the damn game says this should be a quick clear, not a hindrance, you know something is wrong. Ive ran this stupid boss like 9 times and still cant get a clear because her hp is so stupid high

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Let me stop you right there. There was no buff to guardian HP for NA/EU. Our guardians have the same amount of HP as KR/RU. This misinformation needs to stop spreading.


@Roxx can you help with this as there were no patch notes specific to guardians for launch?


Your dps is not fine homie.

You need some serious work.


The problem is they want the game to play for them. They want to stare at the screen, and not have to pay attention, press buttons, or engage in something for once in their life. They expect everything to be handed to them (Which I assume is also the way they live).


How the hell is asking for a boss not to be a 15 minute long pinata thats not even hard enough to kill most players in 10 minutes, asking for handouts. What a dumb take. If this many people are getting annoyed by her, theres a problem. Its literally written all over the forums by countless people. I dont care if they make the mechanics harder. Its the health thats just stupid and unfun

Well i ignored all mechanics for the fight and just beat the crap out of the fox and her clones like they were piñatas and… dead, fight cleared. I don’t even have my purple gems for demon cooldown, and just green demonic insight… I mean… wtf is this guy doing that he stalled out for 15 minutes and everyone was alive? Sounds like too many support and not enough dps.

MVP at 80% dps as well. (Shadowhunter)

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