Please Nerf Hildebrant Palace First Boss

Before all you hardcore pros with 1000 Item lvl/Gear Score start hammering me with “Just learn to play!”, I would like for you to que the matchmaking version of the dungeon with 460-540 gear and get put in groups of 3 or even 4 melee players for 3 hours straight then come back and comment.

The boss teleports and dashes way too often! How are melee supposed to be able to do damage to her while still having our dash available to dodge attacks when she moves halfway across the room every 3 seconds? The boss’s mechanics and attacks are challenging enough but when you add the insane amount of movement it becomes 99% impossible for pug groups to beat. Please for the love of God let her sit still for more than 3 seconds at a time.

This isn’t impossible, I am a LA vet, yes i did pug this, yes it was a full melee comp (Blade, Wardancer, Gunlancer & Paladin)

You aren’t going to like the answer but this is a “get good” scenario

The Vern abyss are basically a “Hello welcome to mmo mechanics” fight and everything that follows is a learning curve.

And everything from here onwards is going to get significantly more difficult than hildebrant palace

Number 1 piece of advice I can give anyone coming into LA regardless of thier mmo experience is to expect significantly less dps uptime in endgame comapared to other mmos.

I can only assume youre burning you spacebar and key gap closers/repositioning abilities for the sake of dps and then when the boss moves everythings on cooldown and youre all out of options.