Please nerf Valtan it looks too hard

To whom it may concern,

I have seen some videos on youtube and Valtan looks way too hard. How will random matchmaker groups be able to do this? Most regular people playing this dont have a magic circle of hardcore friends to carry and organize and therefore will be using the matchmaker.

Its the average Andy who makes up most of the player count and not the verbally loud sweatybois. So please nerf Valtan since it looks to hard!

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It will be funny watching ppl that rushed wep upgrade and only 2 pieces of armor get one shoted

Nice trolling.

If by some funny chance this is serious you need to git gud


stop, the content doesn’t need to be nerfed just because people chose to play solo in a mmorpg and refuse to find a guild/group of friends to do content with, people like you ruin the experience for players that like a challenge, if we listen to you the content will be boring since it would be easy, learn the mechs, find a group and stop complaining

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How to say: “I’m running away screaming, at every stagger / counter check” without saying it.

Want some 1490 gear on top of the nerfs? :thinking:


I mean, can I have 1490 relic gear for my Wardancer so she’s actually enjoyable outside of being a buff bot?

I don’t get why people keep complaining when they haven’t even tried killing Valtan, wait till the content is out, try it enough wipes yourself, and if you keep thinking It is impossible and they track the stats and see It needs a Nerf, wait for It.

This. That’s why having 2 17 armor on normal Valtan is the meta since you have higher defense than the required content.

I think it’s obvious OP is at least joking.

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Definitely a troll post… nIce try,.

Ure funny

No i think he got a point… What about safety nets around the arena? And after the fight you can purchase a picture of your best fall for cheap 5g!?


bruh what? Valtans attacks are slow and predictable, dudes as “hard” as Argos if not slightly more xD

Anyway probably a troll post but i just wanted to share this anyway.

argos is despair mode in kr , argos is the deskaluda of the abyss raids, easy

For a second I thought you were being serious and then I remembered my moms warning about trolls :smiley:

Agree. It has to be nerfed until the majority can do it - the bots :slightly_smiling_face:

And this is exactly the reason as to why the player count has dropped so much over the few months since launch in my opinion. Challenging content is fine, but making it a nightmare to complete as a random group is just stupid and not fun.

Oh yeah you are right… Strangely the nightmarish designed content goes down by just looking / sneezing at it, once you got a group of players that can differentiate between a keyboard and a mouse. :rofl:

Please Roxx can you ask devs to nerf it

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Great bait