Please Nerf Valtan

Hey guys I have been doing Valtan for 6 hours everyday since it came out last thursday but I still cannot beat him because the boss is too hard and has really unfair mechanics. Today is the last day before reset and I am afraid that I will not be able to get any loot from phase 2 after investing so much gold in potions and destruction bombs and so much time every day.

The grabs that Valtan does are completely unfair. There is no red lines for grabs until ghost phase, the only warning you get is less than a second of him holding his hand forward, after which he charges forward extremely fast. Nobody can react to this, at this point I have watched hundreds of people die to this. The triple counter mechanic is also too hard, there are exploding balls everywhere that knock people, and everybody is always silenced.

I believe that these 2 ‘‘mechanics’’ should be nerfed so that the raid is possible for free 2 play players and not just whales like Asmongold.

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Are you talking about the grab after the cutscene? The trick is to count to 3 and everyone counters.


If it’s unclearable because of unfair mechanics and because it’s too hard then explain why some groups are able to clear it?

Entirely false. Perhaps you can’t react to it but stating that NOBODY can is stretching it.

If you wiped for hours and still don’t know why everybody is always silenced then you don’t deserve to clear.


There are no unfair mechanics in Valtan, you just need to get good.


Bad bait


No plans for it


Good, and there shouldn’t be.


Can just ignore this thread and close it if possible.


It sounds like this game is too hard for you,have you considered a different game?


Straight to the point, love it.

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Don’t even think about it

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It’s already been nerfed after release in Korea. How many times do you want them to nerf it before you are able to clear it?

Just put a little effort in and you’ll clear it. It’s the easiest Legion raid by a long shot. You are really going to struggle if you cannot do Valtan as he is now.

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Yes all New content which is challenging has to get instanerfd.


last month you guys begging for new content. this month you guys begging for nerfing the new content. Buy out LA and the whole game is yours, genius

There is no mechanic that needs to be nerfed every mechanic is doable.
Maybe this here is your breakpoint of the game…
If you fail 20 times, okay its a new dungeon and you play with 7 randoms.
But 6h and still no progress… its defenitly on you my friend.

Hell no dude, those raids are meant to be hard

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You mean that you and your group cant do this basic mechanic so they have to nerf it?
No. Learn to do it. Other groups could do that easily.

Pls do not nerf valtan. After clearing both gates i feel i’m extremely trained to do it but i also feel it will be fun to do it every week.

Argos in the other hand became another guardian raid.

once you get use to every valtan mech you are good to go and have fun. It just takes a little time for the first weeks


why not just count 2.35-2.40 seconds and counter? Its pretty easy I literally countered 90% of valtan encounter yesterday and got called a counter god. EZPZ