Please no gifts or compensation

please if the intention was giving 10 pheons as a gift for tripod changes we dont want it if its gonna cause a 3 hour maintenance just let us play and send a mail with just the info about tripods for people that don’t use forums

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The funny thing is a tripod cost 7 pheons so giving us 10 what is the point… like for real.


exactly, and its not like this didn’t happen before i believe everyone remembers when we got that Music box song on every character so they just used the same system to send these mails out without thinking

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Yh its sad lost ark is such a good game when it comes to content and gameplay but sadly the people that make the decisions dont seem to have any clue to how to market or handle these kind of situations :frowning:

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It was 10 pheons per character in your roster. Let’s do some math. 1 roster toon = 10, 2 = 20, 3 = 30… you got the idea right? I know math is hard.

2 hours gone by and servers are still down. Is this setember fuck up all over again?

Right… yes but we are talking about what it was ment to be… The gift was only ment to be 10 per roster… I know reading is hard

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