Please no more passes or events until 2FA is implemented

Hi all,

I would like to recommend that no more event passes or skins etc are implemented until the bot situation is sorted out. Its pure comedy atm with obvious bots using express pass etc.

The best way to do this would be implement 2FA imo.
2FA solution doesn’t really matter, use amazon/existing crystal pass systems/microsoft etc. Most of these are free, but the core requirement is that the account is a 1 to 1 bind to a mobile phone number.

Then make is so unless 2FA is enabled, players cannot access in game mail, auction house, events or event passes etc.

For enabling 2FA grant the user some significant reward.
ie 10k gold, express pass, honing boost etc.

A lot of successful MMO’s put 2FA in over 10 years ago very successfully. You already have most of the backend to do it with the amazon prime rewards + twitch apis.

Regardless of 2FA i would make T3 stuff and honing materials bought from AH bind on roster and no 3 trades etc. (probibly want to make it so players can pass gear to thier alts via the roster bank).
Give pheon’s the flick and just adjust crystal price up a bit to work out the same profit margin.
Prevent gold from being sent in email.

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I already have steam guard with my phone wouldn’t that be enough?

I suspect amazon/smilegate would not be able to hook into that.

Possible thou, but it would come down how easy it is to get around.
Ie 200 accounts linked to one phone number or even worse one email with 200 aliases.

I take back my answer since other users have said there were ways to get free temp numbers and mails or something along those lines

They can configure 2FA to exclude all numbers that are not linked to a contract. Seen other games do this in the past. Only issue with this being not everyone has a contract phone so it would be pretty restrictive.

The problem is now is late, so if we’re late, there’s no need in hurry! Hahahaha

Jokes aside, would be cool to have some sort of protection at least to not see such packs of zerks with bunnys, or afk killing bots in places. Or even fishing in groups!

Hope they come up with a plan soon!

U know privacy rules? The laws in Europe are clear you can offer f2a but if u demand it for something like a game they can successfully sue you … Sry bro i won’t run with this.

I would sue them … Europe law would crush them … Most people i know have no contract but cards they fill up

i am aware of that, its why I didn’t say anything about prevent people from playing. Just you don’t get all the ‘extras’.
Its how a few other mmo’s did it.

Yeah I mean I wouldnt worry about them implementing that :sweat_smile: it WOULD cripple gold selling operations in our version of the game though.

Jaeh but so would forcing every player to send them a picture with the copy of their id in their hand xD it’s still a game for fun and no day trading

Just do it like kr ssn linked to acc. Ppl r gonna hate it but oh well they cry constantly neways.

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Well either you make peace with the bots and let them run rampant or you do the f2a and see bot makers having to amp up their program and making it hard to do much. Your choice.

weirdly enough a few friends have had to do that to get trusted status in steam.

IMO that is super over the top invasive and easily subject to abuse.

2FA to me is pretty much part and parcel of using the internet securely for me, I don’t think I could even count how many systems are linked to my phone via MS/Google/3rd party MFA. Maybe not 100, but its definately up there.

I like it offered… Not forced

Like i said, your choice. Getting 2FA is simply helpful to amp up your account security of not getting hacked and may other good features. If you don’t want it, you can still play the game, but without any extras. Just like Runescape and many others MMOs. For a small inconvenience on your part to kill off more bots, i say it is a sound deal. If you can’t think that way, then i can’t convince you.

I feel like if they were going to implement 2FA they would have done so already… unless they are waiting to see if that “solution” they have been working on for months is actually going to work

Something like u need f2p to send gold would.solve the issue when at the same the ah could not be sold by over 50% average price, or banning people who sell overcharged for gold buying

What I recall W.O.W doing at one time was they implemented 2FA and you could buy a dongle that would give you a random number. I imagine for anyone without a phone/chooses not to use their phone/ or is Pay as you go could use the dongle instead of GA or some other 2FA app. Not sure how hard something like that is to implement but they sold for I think around 15$. Could be wrong that was a while ago.

op is asking for anti bot reasons i think, i believe they mean to ask for mandatory 2fa for logging in so that automated programs have more difficulty and it’s slow bots down a bit.
not sure it’d stop them as i’ve seen bots get around 2fa before tho.

as you stated steamguard is essentially 2fa security for us legit users.