Please no summer skins

Since last one got deleted for no reason…

We do not need or want Summer skins. Give us actual other skins in game. We dont need swimwear…

This isnt the Sims or Roblox. We dont need more dress up meme skins since we just got a set of them.


Speak for yourself…?


You don’t want coomer skins? What’s wrong with you? Get your testosterone levels checked mate


Alot wanted legendary skins but a small minority cried and we lost them.

I honestly do not want dress up skins, so here is my feedback.

If we have to spam crap and a few go with it SG/AGS will cave and go with it.


Please all the summer skins. Can I also get bikini outfit for my male characters? plsnty


how about get lost? YES, YES to summer SKINS!!!.., wtf??? do you livve under a rock or what?


i want more troll skins, summer skins and the legendary skins !



Wow it did get deleted. Amazon sure is selective about which threads they delete.

Very much so.

I want to voice my feedback of

Artist model rework for NA/EU
No honing buffs
Perma ban RMT
Release legendary skins.

I will continue to post my feedback now since if you spam it they make changes. Even if your a minority of the actual player count.

They delayed this update TWICE and people praise them for removing content…. If jar was just getting removed then that is no excuse for a 2 week delay with garbage communication.

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gamers rise up, support these f2p friendly changes

I want summer skins, screw you!


Summer does not exist, real humans only wear jackets at all times as it is never warm and noone has ever touched water before. Swimwear is not an accurate depiction of real life.

Doesnt matter, if you get a few threads rolling with replies they will remove skins etc from the game.

They said jar was coming.

I sold mats since then to buy said skins, then a few cried so its gone.

Wasted my time farming gold as all i have to do with it is buy back the same mats i sold.

Having gold in lost ark is a waste of time, it serves no purpose and is an arbitrary currency.

Low tier bait

Why not start by saying delete Punika? There’s bunch of them.

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Im 1470, we wont have content above that for months. I have no interest in honing atm so gold is just stockpiling for now…,

No im not taking Alts past 1370, i have 6 supports and have no interest in any of the current dps classes. Or of running Valtan 3-4 times a week.

So really… i have no use for gold now.

idk what to tell you man youre too far gone


So we’re trying reverse psychology on AGS eh?

It might work.