Please no summer skins

Since I did not speak up when people were asking to remove the jar from the game and we lost legendary skins, I feel compelled to add my voice to the choir in singing in support of having summer skins in the game. Please stop removing content and please add more content for diversity and depth.

One thing that drew me to this game is the personalization freedom that smilegate gave this game in other regions. Watching this game become another bland corporate mmo is a true travesty. #SaveTheSummerSkins

p.s. gib scouter

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Small minority on the forums cried. There was no “majority”

We are not getting them which is great, nobody want’s them in the game.

Alot dont want the summer skins either. Just a small group that spams the forums.

Small minority? Pretty sure it’s like the vast majority of the player base lol…


Nice paid actor, good try Amazon.


Who is this “We”? Cause I want the summer skins. I guess there is 6 of you going the likes you got… Cool story, bro.

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People who ise the forums are less than 1% of the playerbase.

Speak for yourself, loser


No need to get hateful and upset over someone leaving feedback.

This is what forums has shown it takes to change the game.

So prove it then. Prove that your opinion is the vast majority.

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How is this feedback in anyway?


Only way is for AGS to make polls. But they dont.

So people claim majority wants X changed here all the time.

Who are “we”? You and your pals?

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Feedback consists of points of criticism and/or praise. This post has neither. Thus no feedback, just garbage.


It’s not feedback. That’s a just a kid screaming for attention.


OK great, thanks confirming your opinion of what the player base wants or doesn’t want is based on a false claims. We’re done here.


Ever tried touching grass? heard that shit is wild too

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Him and his church pals. They don’t want to endanger their virginity by looking at virtual female characters in swimwear

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More options is never a bad thing. Stop trolling and wasting the devs time. I hope none of the CMs read this for even half a second.

Just cause you dont want it doesnt mean others dont.

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