Please open more US West servers

Hello, the US West servers are extremely full because we have a lot of Russian, Oceanic and even some korean players playing here. All of this plus the issue regarding bots is making it so people cannot actually play the game. I tried to log into the game before work at 6:30am PST and there was a 13k queue. I wasn’t able to wait through this long queue. I came home from work at around 6pm PST and tried to play a little bit after work and there was a 17k queue. I wasn’t even able to do my dailies today because of these long queue times. If all of the US West servers have a 10-20k person queue trying to play. If you opened 2-3 servers and let people transfer their rosters it would probably alleviate the issue.

dude, u really think more NAW servers could help with the queues?!

More servers = more bots = gold costing less on RMT websites = more people buying gold on those websites.

Open OCE server EZ GG

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as much as i would love for us to get an oce server, they’ll never give it to us. our playerbase is too small + the amount of money they’d get from oceanic players might not be enough to cover whatever cost there is for opening another server. although would be nice to play this game with good ping and not have rubber banding issues

no dont open more, lock them and start banning rmters and bots


Unless they decided to cut the server capacity by half without letting us know, it’s not real players outside NA West causing it there’s simply an insane amount of bots in NAW as it is the closest region for botters coming from east asia to bot. This region rarely had queues for a long time after first ban wave the queues only came back a month after that when they started coming back in huge numbers and kept getting worse. I’ve seen enough ilvl 1302+ bots at this point that I’m convinced there’s a sheer amount of incompetence at handling bots and banning them.

They somehow still think not having a GM to moderate the game in real-time is not a good idea when it has been in every MMO I’ve played, a single player can ban hundreds if not thousands of bots in a single day as they’re quite easy to find anywhere.

To fill them with bots ?

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So I heard AGS CEO reports to the CEO of Amazon Web Services.

AGS has to pay market price to rent server capacity from AWS.

While this is accounted via intercompany charge only and likely no real money changes hands it impacts the profitability of the product.

Amazon managers are generally given Amazon stocks instead of bonuses. The amount of stock could be linked to key performance indicators. Cost will definitely be one of them, especially given Amazon’s corporate values of “frugality”. “Customer obsession” being another one lool.

Answer: the decision maker is unlikely to add more servers, as this will impact his stock rewards this year.

Prob also why they don’t do enough against RMT and bots. Gotta boost those “player” numbers. When nobody spends conveniently blame it on the marketing guys. We have the players just not the marketing to make “players” open wallets, right?


This is kinda funny 'cause showing US which region do. Rmt by far the most cuz all bots all doing queues in your region. Since lunch in our euc queues normalize and never returned (hope so) even bot population in vern decrese in my opinion cause euc region was not the most profitable for rmt… Which show sąd reality about na whaling also adding serwer /region is not viable which is shown by euw region which becoming void Space

Best bait post of the day

You meant open a China server right? our Chinese botters bothers needs it.

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chinese bots dont need servers, dude. they want money. they r practical ppl and smart business men.

Sure they’re smart, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t profiteering assholes who ruin good things and hide behind their shit government.

thats what a typical business man looks like. sharks~

No it isn’t. Don’t educate me on what business looks like from your mother’s basement, thanks.
Not every person who does business or owns a business acts like Patrick Bateman. You would know that if you didn’t get all your “knowledge” from watching “The Wolf of Wall Street” :clown_face:

The longer they take to implement a fix the less likely it is that they will reinvest into the game to fix this. Right now they are hemorrhaging players every day these long ques are there, and soon the game will be unsalvageable: it will no longer be profitable to ever fix the game. They need to either fix it now before it is too late, no amount of content drip feeding will bring the players back.

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Opening more server wont solve the problem. Look at EUC and EUW. you will understand…

I’m wondering more about how I’ve been having 11-16k+ queues, but when I finally get in, there are only 9 channels on that server and most are green/open. When the server was pre-launch founders only, there were over 30 channels on the server. :woman_shrugging:

okey~u win~smart boy~