PLEASE pay attention when you queue for a dungeon

I just had 3 people quit normal mode Oreha 3 games in a row because they don’t check if they queued for hard mode. PLEASE check before clicking the matchmaking button. It takes all of 2 seconds.

yea its a bit strange that game change to normal each time you chose different dungeon…
I lost run last week cause of this, thugh its going strangely fast but i get what happend after i finished :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Should be couple lines of code for devs to remember your last choice but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

or just choose the default based on your ilvl

yea usually you want to do highest posible content but im not bothering with last guardian for instance so last choice would be better solution imo
Same for alts to do things i need to overgear by ~100ilvl to offset my lazines in setting up gems and other things :slight_smile: