Please POLL player opinions on nerfing content

Edit: This doesn’t mean I don’t support AGS changing things. I think they’re actually very enthusiastic based on New World’s frequent changes. I just don’t support a change that messes with mechanics in these lower level fights that have been extremely fun and rewarding to clear

You can see how many posts are being made lashing back against your official post regarding nerfing content.

There was never a discussion with the majority of the player base before you made that

Please do not nerf mechanics. Please don’t make such rushed hard changes until you poll enough opinions to conclude a majority of players insisted on that, because as it stands it’s not looking that way. You’re not going to keep those players when legion and harder content drops, but you will push away players who saw how amazing the mechanics in this game were.

HP pools are fine to nerf, but not mechanics please

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If the New World community’s complaints about Myrkgard being too difficult have anything to do with your stance on nerfs, that’s understandbly confusing

But Myrkgard wasn’t about mechanics. The health pool was broken. No one wanted a simpler game

There’s also many post agreeing with the nerf

There are quite a few posts in favor and against so the default stance in this should be to just give us the same exact client as in Russia and Korea- anything short of an OVERWHELMING majority of players agreeing to the change means we should just have no change