Please post your experience with guilds so far

Hello, i am running a guild on Neria, no one ever talks, no one knows the guild systems, no one cares.

Is there even a point to be in a guild except the bloodstones that by the way people dont even seem to know or care about?

People join, they never even say a single word, they may donate or not, they leave or they stay in for weeks without saying hi even once, i mean what the F*** is happening?

Whats the point in guilds? Am i suppose to find and recruit the 10 people on the server that care enough to say hi to be in a proper guild because thats impossible.

I met some fun people in an abyssal, we went in blind and cleared it, had fun but they were from another server so i couldnt even friend them or invite them in the guild.

This game promotes loneliness and solo play, it feels exactly like wow where everyone cared about having add ons and knowing mechanics and honestly all of you who run or are in a successful and active guild i truly envy you.


created mine on day 1 f2p release. I have 19 people about 7 are above ilvl 1000. A couple are real life friends do things together outside of that, as a group we’ve only ran a couple guardians as 4 man guild that I know of. We do the weekly, people donate silver and forward research progress. I assume they use the guild shop.

I made a couple officers, but i’m the only one who has recruited anyone. I often get 3-4 requests to join when I shout into Area chat. I feel this is hindered by the gold sells spam. But the requests to join are 90% unable to because of penalty. Yesterday I had 4 people within 10 minutes want to join. All had a penalty.

The penalty system is hurting guilds more than helping. I think the 3 day wait to shop do quests on joining is enough. I did have ilvl 1000 leave my guild yesterday. He msg me first, did the weekly quest first then said he had to leave. I wished him well. No reason given.

I call out when crew is for sale in my stronghold and a few have bought and thanked me.

As far as I know no one is using my farm, or feasts (too expensive to place)

It’s terrible. I feel obligated to stay in a guild that has 0 interaction because I don’t want to face the 8 day penalty. I don’t know any game that punishes “guild-hopping” this hard. It’s to the extent where it even punishes you even if the guild master disbands the guild which was the case for my second guild.


Its seems you re running a much better guild than mine right off the bat but you have irl friends inside and they re contributing to the success, i have 1k ilvl members in, they never talk, i had more than 5 1k ilvl members leave already, all of them never said a word, didnt even reply on the welcome message and cute emote i posted lol, people are actively playing but dont use any guild system or chat, i honestly dont know what to do, maybe the problem is my server is mostly polish/italian.

I found a really cool guild. Super cool to do adventure island etc. together.

Don´t use guild finder. Talk with the leader first. Check that there is a reason to play together, e.g. item level.

I wish I could be in the same guild on all my alts, cause yes 75% of the game is playing alts. I just joined random guilds for the bloodshards on them and it´s like you describe. But I´m also the problem in the guilds on my alts. You just can´t care about so many people.

Lineage 2 was the last game i saw punishing people for leaving guilds, on one hand i like the system, its supposed to strengthen bonds in guilds but in a game like lost ark its useless i believe.

The problem with my guild is that we have 0 interaction too, no one seems to care enough, my dreams for a nice guild turned into ashes with the bot guild i created.

Depends, I run a Czech guild, found people who found people that are in dead guilds and now slowly transferring to us. Kicked all people who do not talk and are offline for week or more and it is getting better. Still, people just do not talk that much apart like 10 members, but that is all I need for content really…others will only join voice chat on discord for weekends abyss or something that is prepared, but I guess, generally, people do not like to talk if you see a few guys talking to each other in guild chat.

10 people talking? I whish i had 2. lol

Do you have global EU/US guild or specific to your language? It depends, I just try to hook up some topics, just say some stuff for people to contribute or talk, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, but the more you do it, people will be more chill to actually talk. If not? Well, one of my rule is to be active a communicative, I do not need leeches in my guild who are there just for the shards and benefits.

Ive been in the same guild since launch and i can count on both hands the amount of interaction between members. The guild isnt even dead its got full cap with an avarage of 12 online most of the day and research is pretty high and missions complete in a day but people just dont talk to each other.

To leave to find something more community active will cost me 28 days even though its my 1st and only guild because leaving seems to be contribution based.


I accept anyone but i require them to speak english in chat, i honestly am demoralized, i was starting conversations or saying hi , good day etc but i am truly talking on my own lol.

If i kick everyone who is not talking in chat i will start again with an empty guild, i have no idea what to do.

Running Guilds is a challenging thing to do. I personally have step away from LA and PooWorld(<-----more so the latter). would be happy to assist if you need it. Anyways just wanted to say hello to everyone!


Amazon is really the destroyer of games aint it?

Me being not experienced with guilds is definitely one of the reasons its not going well but so many people report silence in ther guild chat so i believe the game is to blame too.

Glad you dropped by to say hello! Hello to you too!

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I can admit, finding guilds is horrendous. No one talks, when you’re trying to find one it has a one day cooldown before joining another, and not the biggest issue, but I really wished it had more base member capacity.

Worst issue is the day penalty though. I gave up finding a guild it’s boring.

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Running a guild and most ppl do their own thing. I am happy with it since in every other mmo guilds want you to be active which translate to:

  • be in discord, always! Not only for content but every time when you are online.
  • socialize, aka this is your new bff circle
  • participate in guild events, even if you want to play the game and not some stupid events the guild leaders made up
  • talk about your real life or at least hear about the other ppls one and their problems (be a pastor)

I was in so many different guilds in different mmos, I have enough of searching. Only one was good, still in contact, some play Lost Ark too, but I am playing an online game and not second life. I finally have a good guild in FF14 too and they respect I don’t want to have a BFF circle but ppl I can play with.

We have a discord, but currently it’s used more for writing (e.g. organizing abyss for weekend or to ask questions). I would like to have a little bit more interactions, it’s improving, but I am not forcing anybody.


I dont like all these things you mentioned either especially the mandatory discord and thats one of the reasons i wanted to make my own guild, i require no one to speak about their personal life or join discords and made up events.

Truly the only things i want my members to do is say hi once in a while and well play together and help the guild grow, otherwise why even join a guild?

Yeah I know, that’s what I always did in any mmo, “hi” and stuff like that, that’s polite and is out of question.
I just would like ppl would do this too, well, at least in my guild I see an improvement in this case (but maybe cause my husband, his friend and a friend of mine are a little bit cheating since we always say hi to each other, I even write hi to my husband and he sits 2m away xD).

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But I guess that is what a lot of people like, you play the game, because you know other players and you wanna continue to play with them and socialize with them.

I do not care about IRL, even tho, it would be nice. It was nice back in WoW days when we played.

But dead chat or discord is just bad. It does not motivate players to keep going, because being solo is boring, even more boring at the end game and why people quit the game? Because there is no-one around. If I had not good guild in WoW I would quit it in weeks, maybe months.

They made guild restrictions super heavy and the menu system is really unintuitive and clunky.

Streamline the menu system in guilds, overhaul the benefits, boost the guild lvl exp amounts, add more things to add towards it for new players, keep the guild hopping restrictions.

Add more tutorial quests around guilds and how they function in the game.



Welcome to the modern MMORPG, all the interaction nowadays is done through discord. The game is just an empty shell, where you just sit in town and queue for content without saying a word.