Please post your experience with guilds so far

Funny, most of my active members are doing it thru chat, because nobody wanna switch around to discord haha, at least when they are in the game.

Discord and guilds is my nightmare, i have no problem talking to people when doing raids i already pugged in lost ark and talked with randoms, it was a lot of fun, what i truly dislike with discord guilds is that they take away the social aspect off the game and put it in a third party program.

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The main reason of joining guild… tbh the guild i currently at don’t speak much in game but at least they are active in discord…
Kinda hard to find really talkative guild in game chat TBH…
I agree with players who said that in game chat is clunky and hard to keep track even with special guild chat only there’s no time stamp and yeah it is what it is…

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I did not join any guild so far, as I feel like with my slow character progression, I do not really want to be the one left out of the cool end-game-guild stuff.

What I find very confusing is that a guild seems to have space for 30 people in the beginning (at least, I see that number in guild finder), and you can only slowly increase that space. First of all, I find that a very small number of people for a guild, as no one can be online 24/7.

On the other hand I am wondering why you cannot join a guild with your whole account, so that every single one of your main and alt characters only occupies one space within the same guild.
For example, that system exists in Guild Wars 2. There, you can even join up to 5 guilds at the same time, and I kind of miss a at least somehow similar system in Lost Ark.

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I think my best advice would be to make yourself be the one who motivates the chat, creates groups, asks people DIRECTLY if they want to join. Of course this takes a certain type of personality to do in the first place, but if you just make yourself open and direct people are bound to follow suit.

You have to try and make people feel comfortable as lots of people who join guilds are shy or awkward. Making the first move is sometimes required to get the participation going.

Regarding discord, it’s a useful tool but ultimately my opinion is if someone is more comfortable to speak through game text and are open to listen and communicate then that’s fine by me. If they don’t wanna mix their personal life in as well, that’s cool as long as they’re up to play and chat about the game when they’re on.

Also, I find cus of the guild cooldown recruiting is a bit of a pain. Lots of people joined guilds and now can’t join another one for ages. I understand why the limit is there, but its just stupid. It should cap at 24hrs or something.


Yeah, I am just holding like 5 spots for people who have 4-7d cooldown haha and it sucks.

Truth is i did all that, people wont reply in guild chat or personal messages, thats why i made this post here to see if other people encountered this kind of behavior.

I am ok with the 30 members limit because in theory small groups are tighter but the game aint promoting guilds too much.

About the roster wide guilds, i cant even imagine why they didnt do it, since lost ark is so alt oriented it should have been priority number 1.

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That’s just your taste which is ok. I already look into the guild descriptions or ask the leaders directly, because I have this different taste. Well, it always turned out the way I described even when they claimed “it’s totally ok to just be in voice for content” and stuff like that, all lies.
The most wired guild was one in eso - only my husband and me had to be always in discord when we were online to hear them whining about their lifes, while nobody else had to. If we weren’t we got instant pm if we did not read guild rules yadayada. It was so wired we never logged in for a year, just to be sure we are not in guild and they forgot about our names.

I agree, communitys were better long ago. I just don’t have the time and inclination anymore to deal with it. I better use my time for playing the actual game than listening to all the drama nowadays. And there is a lot of drama, sometimes it’s like being part of a really bad soap.

Edit: but I admit, I love to read guild experience threads, it’s sad and entertaining at the same time.

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I would say the best in game guild chat i ever experienced was when i played FF14… NOW That is a social guild MMORPG… followed by WoW but still by far FF14 in game guild chat just superior…
I personally wish LA guild chat system can copy FF14 success formula

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Oh my god yes, i made so many friends in FFXIV, just doing the firmament event got me friends i still talk to when i log into the game. About wow, well maybe the most antisocial game i ever played.
On the other hand the first guild i joined in FFXIV was too much into drama and speaking about personal life problems and i had to walk away.
Too much cringe and depression.

I was thinking of creating my own guild. After I met my partner, who was also the leader of the guild I was in when we met, we only had bad luck with guilds we joined. Last time we joined a guild was in WoW:Legion. Since then we gave up finding a guild that suits us.
If we founded our own guild we could set the rules ourselves, invite people that are of the same mind, etc. I currently have some extra time at hand, so I would handle all the stuff. But one day I might not have time. Guild management can be really tough. So I am still on the fence if I should do it. We both are also only in the game on peak times. And we have only a little play time and thus didn’t progres very far in the game.

In MMOs with benefits to guilds, thre are often people who don’t want to socialize. I was once the co-leader of a RP guild, and it really helps to have a chat with people first before letting them join. Really helps seperating the weed from the chaff. You’ll meet plenty of people that simply won’t fit due to their behavior or play style.

The non activity in guilds is always an issue. With guild perks even more so. Sometimes it can also be hard to track conversations, if you didn’t create an own tab for guilds and/or whisper, as the general chat is so full of massages of all kinds.

Well, i would suggest to start one and find a trustworthy 2nd in command. You can fail, but if you have not tried you will never know if you would not have missed an awesome guild. I think your experience with RP guild gives you a big advantage. RP guilds are usually pretty close to each other.

For the chat: I use an extra tab for guild and whisper. The tab blinks if you get a message there if I am not mistaken.


Running a guild is demanding for sure but i dont believe you have to play 10 hours per day for it to be successful, if you recruit decent people the guild kinda flies on autopilot and if you dont have time the officers should take over for a while.

I wouldnt call saying hi or doing 2 guardians together socializing, people are acting literally like bots, i mean what kind of animal doesnt even say hi once in a guild, i wish i could go through the monitor and spank them :joy: :joy: Talking to them before joining is truly no option in lost ark, people dont bother replying and you just waste tons of time.

That would be my partner :wink: 100% trustworthy :grin:

Yep, that’s right.

Is there anything I need to know about guilds? I have the required silver for it (who doesn’t?^^). I heard something about daily(?) contribution. Is this mandatory? Would shy away from that as I don’t think I’d be able to keep this up, as I am not far into the game.
I was thinking of only having the guild for the 2 of us for starters. And when we have sorted things out how it all works, open it up for others.

@Ziio Yeah, that might be true. But the time invested really can get out of hand :sweat_smile:

True most do.

Ehh it varies, just because they want you on their discord doesn’t mean you have to be “Active” in doing things there… at least be “part” of it…if that makes sense.

Again I’m part of a few but I don’t ONLY talk in there… I hangout and vibe and chill there and with other groups too…

I mean why not? your part of a community are you not??? Doesn’t mean you cant say no to them here and there.

This one I don’t talk about or recommend people do, unless their okay with it. Also if they DO want you to, you have EVERY right to refuse doing that.

OH GOD lmfao…that game… smh…

That’s what it’s about in the end. Not to mention FF14 people (from my experience has been Extremely Pleasant!)

Having a community is ALL about interactions with one another, but also engagement with each other. I will also add that being part of a discord makes it FAR easier to communicate then typing for 15 years lmao.

There is i guess 6k silver req for creating.

Cobtribution is simple. You contribute once a day by opening the guild tab and by donating 6k silver once a day. Then you can contribute by fulfilling weekly guild tasks. The controbution system is pretty simple.

Facts! %100 And yes it does take a unique person do that that… it’s called a leader lol.
I know for me personally I sit back and observe how “other” people react to things… and other people.

Guild Rec. has and (imo) will always be a PITA to get more members…

Best advice ALWAYS start small, Take your time and getting decent people, and active people at that… a dead discord doesn’t help, neither does people not being active… Fluffing numbers is okay to a degree, anything past that doesn’t do any good, but make your server look deader then a graveyard…

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I mean being shy in life i get it, we ve all been there at some point but being shy in a game i just cant understand this and thus cant counter it.

If you accept a guild invite you should at least be capable of basic communication in chat and willing to do some game activities together, otherwise why join?