PLEASE READ - Issues and changes that needs to be made

Firstly, I want to start off by saying I have 3000 hours in Lost Ark. So obviously I have a liking for the game or I would not have spent that amount of hours.
That being said there are sooo many things that needs to change in my opinion. I am certain a vast majority of other players feels the same.

  1. Guardians - What is the point of having to kill the same Guardian twice in a day. It’s not like it gets more exciting killing it the 2nd time around.

  2. Chaos Dungeon - Again what is the point of 2 runs twice a day and that 3rd dead level.

  3. Boss Rush - 15 waves of standing still waiting to kill a boss that dies in 0.00001sec and you can only spend 1 ticket at a time.

  4. Cube - 12+ waves of basically running into the same generic room with absolutely 0 challenge. It’s just a tedious timewaste to get your reward.

  5. Platinum Field - Dead event no one is queuing. I’ve literally sat for an hour twice waiting for queue pop.

  6. Bots - I know you initiated a banwave today. However if it’s only gonna be a thing you do every few months it won’t change anything. I have never witnessed such a massive amount of bots in any other games I’ve played and I’ve played pretty much every MMO since Ultima Online from 1997. So far most of the bot preventions you’ve implemented have ended up penalizing real players. Like the Chaos Exchange that used to be tradable, removing gold from rapport. 20 item rooster limit on AH and other things.

  7. Disconnects - This needs to be 1 of your main priorities. This has been ongoing for several months now and honestly is unacceptable. Especially to the group of players that are paying customers.

  8. Inflation - After you removed the frog prices on everything are already 40-100%+ higher than the inflated prices prefrog. I understand there’s supply and demand but when Gold sellers are not properly dealt with buyers will have more gold on their hands and drive up the prices. How are new players supposed to remotely catch up, which brings us to the next point.

  9. Gatekeeping - Time is money and for people with 9 to 5 jobs, kids etc, time is also limited. If I have x amount of hours to do these dailies and weeklies then of course I’m gonna make sure I get the strongest and best players to ensure I waste as little time as possible. And when Legion raids for the most part are made in a way. Where 1 person failing a mechanic can cause the entire raid to wipe or make it that much harder. Then of course people will gatekeep. Which also ends up hurting all new players.

  10. Non daily/weekly content - Once you’ve done your dailies(work) there’s really not much content to do apart from adventure tome, which a lot of people who have played since the beginning are more or less done with. There’s pretty much only PVP arena you can queue.

This game has so much potential but you need to take action or it will die sooner rather than later. When you gave people pheons that wasn’t intended you were so swift to correct this. But bigger and more important things like disconnects you still haven’t sorted.

We started out 20 friends playing Lost Ark now we’re down to 4. They all quit for the same exact reason and that is, that the game in it’s current state feels like another job if you want to keep up.

This is a GAME it’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable but in all honesty it does feel like having a 2nd job with the daily and weekly grind and the entire alt show. This is why a lot of people are feeling burnt out.

I know some people will say; well you don’t need to play all these alts. True, but the game is designed in a way that there’s an insensitive to play more alts. If there’s an advantage or a way to progress faster. Then most people will do so and with gatekeeping it does make you feel you need to.

I don’t have the answers. A couple of ideas could be make una’s, guardians and chaos a weekly run perhaps. Make some non daily/weekly content. Remove raid wipe mechanics on Normal(Hard) modes and leave it for Inferno(Hard) modes only.

Anyways that was my little rant and 2 cents.


I agree with all of the above, however, Smilegate would prefer if you just swipe to get past all the stuff you don’t enjoy :man_shrugging:

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This is the exact reason of why gatekeeping exists, thanks for bringing it in.

The biggest issue we have:

Too much dailies, which is the main point of burn outs. If you’ve checked AGS LOA:ON, then you would know that Smilegate itself has dismissed the idea of reducing chaos and guardian farms by half. Dismissed the idea of buffing (doubling) Relic drops from Valtan/Vykas for quicker relic gearing. Dismissed the idea of making raids more homework friendly and even nerfed gold income in the easiest ones, forcing people to do the newer, longer raids.

There will be no changes anytime soon in daily gridn nor gatekeeping, Smilegate itself confirmed it.

We’re a barely 20 member community, but i’d dare to say barely half of us is willing to log in to Lost Ark lately.

I’m giving it 2-3 months, then we’ll stop entirelly.

Have you tried hard bossrush? You are just overgeared for BR to be any challange.
Cube I agree tha is pretty boring but still its better than T1 and T2 cube that was going past 19floor

Platinum field solo gives more mats than in pt so why would anyone queue up ?


Should change cube to only be survival floors and have them double the speed on the bombs, so we then instead have people complain they die in the first few floors.

you mean they went back up again to similar price they were before frog was implemented?
like how the current price on stuff is based on the supply and demand? :joy:

Smilegate/AGs cant do anything about gatekeeping, its a fully player made thing and it will always exist.

Actually gatekeeping happens only because of the game structure. Which gotta say pretty shitty at best. The idea of game great, execution is beyond awful. There are plenty ways to fix game but they wont do it because, it is business and they make money.

Whether or not it will always exist, they can certainly improve and make it better. I’m not saying this is the solution or that I want this to happen, but an example could be removing the fact that 1 person can cause a raid wipe on normal mode. I am pretty sure that would reduce gatekeeping quite a lot.

I don’t think these will ever change because they want you to spend more time in the game. No developer will ever do a change that requires players to spend less time doing an event.

I have already seen this in other games i play. That’s why players find ways to cheese activities in other games e.g Destiny 2 using out of bounds glitches to skips mobs and just get to a boss faster

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Newflash. Games been this way for years. Nothing’s changing and SG doesn’t really care. Just quit and find a new game.

Same way with the latest PTR. Some skills been useless since release date, but they just finally getting around to it.

Stop smoking that hopium.

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So what you are saying is LA is a boring and repetitive chore simulator designed to try and keep you online so that you might open the cash shop and buy something at some point

But hey at least the Legion Raids are fun the first few times…

/Signed and agreed with all the above.

I seriously don’t understand why some people keep saying there’s no point in doing the same guardian twice a day… In pretty much every game there’s some for of repetition daily or weekly… It’s like asking why you have to kill certain mobs multiple times to gain experience… The answer is that guardians are farming content and you farm them twice a day. What do you people think will be achieved if it is lowered to once a day? Some of you claim it saves time, yet all that will happen with time “saved” is that people will create more alts to farm the same amount of time they currently put into the game.

Wtf? They literally stated they nerf the raids to make them more hw friendly. New raids are meant to be difficult and not to be turned into a hw early on. They even said for Kamen raid they won’t nerf him for awhile until they think he is ready to become hw.

Well put together but sadly AGS doesn’t care.

  1. Guardians - This is typical MMO stuff, always repetitive, it’s just something for people to do to group up (if that is your choice) and do for 5-10 minutes per day for some decent rewards. I just want them to make the loot automatic, the number of times ive been distracted and forgot to click before leaving is beyond infuriating.

  2. Chaos Dungeon - Same as above

  3. Boss Rush - New boss rush definitely doesn’t die instantly. Would be happy for an x3 option though. It is what it is, MMO content is rarely 100% engaging and enjoyable.

  4. Cube - Same as above although cube definitely is worse, rewards could use a revamp. Still a good source of silver and quick.

  5. Platinum Field - Seems to be abandoned content like most of the sailing stuff

  6. Bots - If you play modern MMOs you will find that the bots have gotten way worse in the last couple years. Not sure what it is exactly. It definitely should be addressed more often but seems to be the reality of modern online games, botting and cheating everywhere. Wonder how much they pay EAC to do such a poor job at gatekeeping bots though.

  7. Disconnects - Very frustrating and needs to be addressed, especially when it causes a raid group to be stuck because one person did not get gate credit and connot move forward.

  8. Inflation - People spend too much time blaming inflation on external factors and dont realize that realistically someone with a solid roster of 6 can make more than 80k gold per week in raids alone. I am fine with the frog coming back so people can waste their gold on it though.

  9. Gatekeeping - This is a player problem. Players fomo hard and want to rush to the newest content without living through some of the struggles. Busses exist and are very cheap for one thing, second, start your own group, it’s not always going to be easy, but why should other players have to carry you for free? Not to mention the number of players I see queueing with three budget engravings, rainbow stats, etc and then complaining about gatekeeping. Invest the time in your character and it won’t happen anymore.

  10. Non daily/weekly content - 3x brel g1-4, 4x clown, 3x vykas, 2x argos and 6x valtan is a very big time commitment along with the other daily content, I barely have time to do it all.

Also a huge issue with the AH is that you try to buy and then don’t get the full amount of what you purchased. With the 10 second cooldown it is even worse. For example, Destruction Crystals, if I want to buy 10k instead I get some random number between 3 and 6k. No apparent reason when there are hundreds of thousands listed at the same price.

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3 and 4. - It would be nice if i could use a slide bar to chose the number of thickets i want to use. And the same for cube, even tho i use my stronghold for the cube since i never saw a legendary engraving drop from one of those cube chests.

  1. Well it is kinda dead because those platinum tickets are so frikin rare, like i haven’t seen one in more than a month.

6 and 7 - Uhm, yeah “they are working on it” and “they let the team know” or the newest “they want to fix things so badly it will give us a run for our money” … in which case i think they really mean pay up and maybe will fix things, maybe.

  1. Either bring back the frog for a longer period of time or make certain item’s drop rate higher.

  2. Wipe mech - that is a huge topic, but the majority of players are “pros”. LA has the highers ratio of “PRO PLAYERS”.

  3. There is content, there are islands to be made which cannot be done because most players have done them, got the souls or bounties and the new players are stuck with area chat asking for help.

But imagine them making Una/chaos and guardian just once per day - what will the no lifers do with all that extra time. Not to mention the possible gold loss.

You forget sailing co-op and shipvsea bounties that we can just collect in this maps in the sea gates…

This is a bad event

you dont mm you do it solo mm is waste you have more flowers from solo

That’s what i always said, wipe mechanics are the worst ever! everything would be much better without them, just give an extra bonus if the mechanic is done the right way.
Also all damn raids and bosses are so complicated and need to learn so many details, maybe even worse than a real time job or courses, i mean wth it’s a game afterall and not a stress disease.
Who could imagine that so many people would just pay gold just to pass these raids and get the reward, and not play for pure fun, cause raids are so damn complicated in this game… very sad.

It is what it is. 2023 LoA in kr for Koreans only maybe they’ll address some issues. :person_shrugging: :crossed_fingers: