Please realize, AGS, that the complaining is never going to stop!

Title, really. You’re never going to please the MMO audience. They are always going to find something to complain about. Remember that the vocal minority will never represent the majority!

Thanks for the roadmap finally! Lance Master, pog!! :smiley:


are you saying i don’t have a right to be upset that summoner still isn’t going to be playable in the foreseeable future after it got deleted from our version of the game after they already let us play and enjoy the class and it was the 2nd most popular class of our version of the game?


Of course not op got his class why should he care loool


You have the right to be upset, but you have to accept that AGS will never satisfy every player. Imagine they would swap Destroyer with Summoner. The Destroyer mains would cry. Same goes for Arcanist for Lancemaster. You will never satisfy everyone, so AGS should stop trying to do that.


log out bezos


ye they wouldn’t have to swap for it though, since it’s not a new class it wouldn’t need to be treated as such, should just be released along side w/e gets released first since it’s not really a “release” but a “reintroduction”

doesnt matter which class they release people will complain, the roadmap looks good.

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What amount did amazon give u ?

The roadmap is basically the same but changed class

With how they delays the source income( also still no honing buff mention in may update or april) its just the same p2w gang

Also didnt say we get free t2 pass they said its shop or probably will be shop item only

Kr always got t3 boost xd

So u say we have to wait 2 months for new mat income that should be their before argos

So after may another 2 months for abyss trials than another 2 for bridge ? Xd

Clearly they dint care about the casuals but they are their biggest playersbase so ye another update with people leaving any bets maybe some join cause of lancemaster

Yea you’re never going to please everyone, personally I feel like this roadmap is a good start


That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying that the MMO community is one of the biggest communities of consistently unhappy people. You’ll never be able to appease to everyone en masse. There will always be something to be unhappy; nothing will ever be perfect.

To your point, you do have a right to be upset with no Summoner. I personally feel like we should have all the classes so that everyone can play what they want and not have to settle until an undetermined amount of time in the future. I would love to play Summoner as I am a Sorceress main.

I don’t want what I said to be taken personally as an attack on people that don’t have certain things in the game that they want, because there’s lots of QoLs I would definitely love to have, as well as classes. The point of the post was exactly as @Hiragy said below, and it’s not like the MMO community has showed us any different over the years is all.


i think most people would agree on the all classes being added thing, that one is very unlikely though for somereason.

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I would have preferred Summoner, honestly. Lol.


Yeah, the only reason I can think of is to stagger the release of skins as well to make more money from the shop. Which I can’t fault SmileGate for. They need to make their money and staggering classes to make more people buy more skins is a great way to do it.

Are they paying you? They should’ve released all the already existing classes on launch. There is no way of defending that.

Shit, I wish they were. Lol. I wouldn’t have to work a 9-5 then. Lol.

don’t think they should have released all content, i get staggering out the actual content like raids and such. and even the catchup mechanics so we don’t instantly have the same gear level as kr 'cus then we’d have a huge gear disparity with many more people complaining about inability to participate in content.

skins i get not releasing all at the same time, but i def feel we should have more than 2 skins in the game by now though with how many options are in kr. or at least give us neria’s dressing room since that is like mari shop in that it constantly is cycling out so is refreshing.

classes though are a bit different, they shouldn’t really be treated as content 'cus just someone not playing the class they want to play will just end up in them getting bored of the game and end up in them not spending money when they otherwise might. i would get maybe painter not being in yet as it’s still super new on kr but all the rest should be, especially since some that we’re missing are old classes that were available to kr on their launch of the game, it’s not anything new and just results in people waiting around for information on when they’re allowed to play the game.


I could not agree more with your entire statement. We def should have had all classes minus Artist at launch. And we should 100% have more skins. Aesthetics is the real end game in MMOs. Lol.

No shade to the person in general, but this is the exact point my post is making.


true, people will always write something to complain about.
Having said that though, I was secretly hoping they would address the problems with gold generation alot of people are encountering.

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I feel that. I kind of miss the inflation, tbh. Now it’s like “oh a purple Grudge! 60g” (idk the actual value, but you get the point.)