Please Reconsider Oceania Servers

While I’m very thankful for the work that AGS have put into having the region-lock removed for Australia & New Zealand (along with all of the additional countries, yay!), having a dedicated server for our region would go leaps and bounds towards making the game more enjoyable for us, and also help us increase the player-base for the game by getting our friends into the game. I’m sure we all have those friends that refuse to play anything on over 200 ping.

Even if we couldn’t get dedicated servers in our region, having additional server options that are relatively closer, such as SEA or the like, would make a huge difference. As it stands, if our only options are NA/EU, we’re looking at either ~250 ping to NA or ~300 ping to EU (based on other games with NA/EU servers) which I feel will be quite frustrating at best and borderline unplayable at worst, especially in PvP.

I’ll admit I don’t understand why Oceanic servers aren’t even being considered for Lost Ark when they already exist for New World, where both games are published by AGS, so it’d be much appreciated if we could at least receive an explanation if we’re not going to have dedicated servers.

This is a plea to AGS to please reconsider your decision to not have dedicated servers for the Oceanic region at launch, as I believe it’ll vastly hinder the ability to garner interest and maintain a loyal playerbase in the region.


I don’t understand why New World got so many OCE servers and Lost Ark can’t even get one

New World was going to be a hit or miss, and at the moment its going downhill… Fast

Lost Ark is an already successfully established game and has been hyped over here for years
It will draw ALOT of interest from players including from OCE

To provide OCE servers for New World only but not Lost Ark?!

Especially when Amazon is a massive global company that already has established servers in Sydney Australia for New World

I honestly don’t understand, can we please get an insight into what led to this decision?

Pretty gutted


Whole-heartedly agree with you guys. This is one of the few games that needs a localised server to get the best experience, especially if your doing high end content.

I appreciate it may be difficult to get OCE servers running for closed beta, as they only just announced our participation. However, it would be foolish not to have any on launch.

If we could get a bit more communication on the matter it would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah, it’s really not fair that they don’t get their own servers like the rest of us.
Seems pretty odd…


Surely we can get 1 oceanic server.


:crossed_fingers: please do consider an OCE server


Well, I think the reason why New World has OCE servers its because there are people from SEA who plays the game but this is not the case for Lost Ark. Unless Amazon opens up lost ark to SEA then I do not see it having OCE servers


Can we please get an OCE server so we can enjoy the game without lag, 250-300 ping is going to make it extremely difficult to execute boss and raid mechanic. I have several of friends who are excited for this game but also reluctant to play due to high ping issue.


+1 for OCE Server , it would seriously be a god send.


Yeah, i’m baffled by this decision. Certainly didn’t expect them for CBT, not at all, but between now and release, they need to strongly reconsider this, especially considering the strong following for Diablo/PoE the Oceania region has. New World has been on a downward spiral for a while now, surely dedicating a fraction of the server resources for a single server for Lost Ark isn’t a big ask, considering there’s literally ZERO reason not to. You’d be no less out of pocket.


Like others I’m VERY grateful the OCE region is no longer blocked but not having servers at launch just seems like a terrible way to try and build a community. ARPG’s and big MMO’s recognize the need for OCE servers, Final Fantasy is bringing a local server to OCE early next year.

I have mates that will not even look at a game that doesn’t have local servers, how many more players will they lose because of this?!

I GUARANTEE Diablo 4 has local servers.


YES Please! I am a New Zealander, and I seriously support the need for our own Servers!


Please consider an OCE server at launch. Not having any is kinda sad.


Soon as I saw this post, I signed up an account just to support this post. Please Please consider Oceania Dedicated servers!


I should add that I’m kind of a person to spend a ridiculous amount of money on MTX stuff Cosmetic or otherwise :^) . But seriously no OCE server will make me not want to spend as much. (C’mon AGS you’d be losing a Whale here) :stuck_out_tongue:


To add to the post, a common thing I found with a lot of WoW players from OCE is that they were willing to forego shortcomings of the game, even in it’s most stale moments, purely because it was one of few MMOs on the market with local servers. So not only would you be capturing a lot of Diablo and PoE players, you’d also have a lot of passionate players from WoW coming over as well, especially the more die-hard raiding/PvP-focused players, and even players that may have never played all three purely because the game is fully supported in our region.


+1 to please adding OCE servers.


exacly. I have quit wow after MOP and have been keeping my eyes on lost ark since 2013…


Please make OCE servers available, Keen as Mustard for this game to have a local release here!


surely if NW can get a server Lost Ark can