Please Reconsider Oceania Servers

It’s been a while since I’ve visited this thread and I am extremely curious.

My guild and I are all from Perth, Melb and Sydney our pings range from 180-250ms. On average it’s about 219ms

We have all completed every single Chaos, Abyss, Guardian, and every normal dungeon on Hard up to Papunika. Completed a large chunk of islands and quests including stealth missions.

We have (not) come across any content which has been (impossible, nor unplayable with high latency).

I personally have also been in PvP multiple times and while I agree that it is more challenging and you must learn how to lead and evade perfectly. I would not call it “unplayable”.

For further reference, I have also been in KLOA with the same latencies and been able to clear everything besides Abrel (I stopped playing there once NA was announced).

What parts of the game are you all struggling with?

This is a genuine question because maybe I can offer some tips or tricks or even help you out if you’re on NA West?

Let me know! :slight_smile:

So it’s not about the people who can - I too can play perfect to avoid mechanics - GO US AMIRIGHT! /s. It’s about the majority of people who do have normal reflexes, who aren’t literal mechanic gods. When learning something it is better to have something be forgiving and give you time to get out of it - than to get banged by it because you didn’t remember your dance dance revolution sequence of boss mechanics. For everyone who understands mechanics they are avoidable. for everyone who is learning you don’t even get a chance to outmaneuver the hazard as often the ping prevents you from doing so.

I’ve found myself frustrated in PvP, PvE content already where I feel like I was out of something - including visually however I still get hit. I would like to visually be out of something and have it not hit me. Simple as that.


Also what do you do on boss mechanics where you rubber band - do you pre rubber band?


Please create OCE servers

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OCE servers pleaseeeee

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+1 for OCE/SEA servers please!

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I’m F2P until OCE servers and full controller support

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Hi Roxy

In your reply post you stated you look into the possibility of having oceana servers .
We are still waiting for your reply in cased i missed it vb

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Valtan (Unofficial OCE) server has constant queues of thousands and thousands of people. Give us an OCE server and server transfers and Valtan will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone.


oce server please.


3000-7000 queues for our server. kinda sus. kinda means we need our own server?


OCE servers… When?


Server please…Valtan is like 2000- 8000 queue…



OCE servers please

And EU think they are not important, they are lucky they have their own servers lol

i haven’t rubber banded once

not in PvE or PvP so i haven’t come across that issue to have to deal with it personally. i’ve also completed everything including now some of the T3 content and had no trouble dealing with mechanics and i didn’t consider feeling like i needed to have preemtive abilities to react before anything happens.

I’m not sure but i’m also on USEast with friends so instead of getting 154ms i’m getting 200ms and still fine, i honestly think it’s some peoples internets with the extreme unpplayability some people are experiencing… Thats not to sound condescending but maybe you guys have a bad node between you and the AWS servers causing a headache or something…

Anyway, who knows what the future will hold!

I can’t believe you play PVP with 200 ping and don’t rubber band.

The amount of gap closing stuns this game has is huge…
Do you just not dodge those abilities? Or you have third eye to dodge before the opponent uses their skill ?

Edit, you play gunlancer that class hardly moves no wonder you don’t see any rubber band because you don’t have much movement skill lol.


They won’t because it would be too close to Smilegate home market. Smilegate won’t let them take that money.

Generally if I rubberband it’s because I mistimed my dash or movement ability but it’s something I can avoid in most instances. If I know I’m going to be hit I generally allow it depending on the mechanic and I ensure that I lead my dash for certain enemy attacks like Abrelshuds tracking skills.

Hard to explain, but for the most part you just need to ensure you’re not using a dash to get out if something mid animation and positioning is key.

Is there a specific fight you’re having troubles with?

I think my hardest fight was tyt with it’s sandstorm mechanic.

lets go oce servers :dizzy:

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