Please Reconsider Oceania Servers

This raises a very good point for me too. I will put up and play even if it’s high ping, but I have an entire guild of people who won’t try just because there are no OCE servers.


Yeah, I have a group of MMORPG friends who just outright refuse to play anything without local servers, since that usually means 250+ ping and the frustrating rubber-banding and “omg but I was out of that!” that comes with that. From what I hear, there are A LOT of people who are in the same boat, having a group of friends or a guild that refuse to play high ping games because they’ve gotten too frustrated with lag in past games.

Of course refusing to play any MMORPG without local servers in Australia has essentially just left them playing WoW for the last ~10 years, and they don’t even really like the current game or the direction it’s gone in of late, they merely prefer to play a worse game with low ping than a better game with high ping.

Having Oceanic servers at launch will allow LA to compete with the likes of WoW and FF14 (when they get their OCE servers around the same time as LA launch) and, as many LA fans can attest to, it appears that LA will be able to more than compete with these games from a gameplay perspective (if the ping is removed as a factor).

The factor that has to be kept in mind is that, most of the Oceanic population who are following along with LA (both prior to and post the Western release announcement) and participate in the discussions on the socials and this forum are the die-hard LA fans. Most of these individuals, myself included, are just happy to be allowed to play now, following the region-lock removal, and will still play the game even if Oceanic servers aren’t added.

Adding Oceanic servers isn’t to benefit these individuals (at least not predominently), it’s to allow LA to reach all those Oceanic players who aren’t die-hard LA fans. Those people who are either MMO fans and just want to play a good MMO, or are just gamers who want to play a good game without having to worry about rubber-banding and such. This population of people is obviously much larger than the population of die-hard LA fans. As we know, to say LA is a good game is an understatement, so to allow LA to reach all of these people, including our friends, guilds, etc. will be a massive boon for the game considering how large that population will be.


You’re a legend mate, thank you!


THIS. all of this. Can’t say it any better.


So many of my friends thinking about refunding due to this … so sad. Surely we can get 1 server


Just wanted to jump in and add support for the cause! Was really looking forward to an OCE server and probably won’t be buying a Founder’s pack if there isn’t one. AP Southeast (New World’s oceanic server region) was one of the busiest regions for New World’s launch - and some of the servers in that region had queues of up to 25000 (yes thats 25k) players. Granted, LA has not received as much marketing here - but do not underestimate the oceanic playerbase - there are many of us who are not as vocal but are ready to flock to games like LA and New World given support for the Oceanic region.

I personally have discussed moving to LA with my guild/company from New World - and there are over 20 of us that are active there all keen to move over if there are Oceanic servers.


An MMO such as lost ark will bring a lot of FFXIV, WOW and other MMO players to it. WOW is dying, and the only reason OCE players dont leave, is because there are no other MMOs apart from New World that have OCE servers.
OCE servers would be a fantasic choice and would bring in a lot of casual players, as well as hardcore MMO fans! Espically since it is free to play, OCE steam casuals will jump on for sure.

+1 for OCE servers


I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been playing games for a long long time. Every time theres been a decent game coming out but no OCE sever, I’d see people from OCE on the forums wanting servers, I’d be there supporting them. Sometimes due to whatever reason the devs/publisher got to we never got them. Then of course those people from OCE had no interest in the game, they’d give up asking. I’m so happy seeing the amount of people here voicing out support for a OCE server, kinda makes me tear up. :’)


+1 OCE server please !


+1 OCE. Huge long-time fan (and occassional JP region player) from Australia and I can’t imagine playing on EU/NA pings.


Don’t forget to share this with your friends everyone :grin: . It’s very likely the community team will need some decent ammunition to present to the rest of the team, so let’s give it to them in droves. At the end of the day, this is a business decision for Amazon/Smilegate and the justification needs to be there. Afterall, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.


Good job @Roxx hopefully we can get a good outcome. #oceanicserver


+1 to this, absolutely ridiculous you guys would tease us by allowing the game to be played in Oceania and snatch all hope away with no local server, this game is nigh impossible to play properly on the 250 ping we’ll get with NA servers


Yeah 250 basically makes pvp a no go


+5 for me and my friends.
They’re not bothered to do this :pensive:
This is only a tiny portion of OCEANIC players who are interested too. Alot are unaware of these forums and don’t know about this.


Lost Ark is the #1 MMORPG in Korea even 3 years after release

This isn’t some generic MMO ported from the East, this game has long been hyped for and could very well be the next WOW/FF14 or even overthrow them
It will also gather interest from D2/3 and POE players due to some similarities

Not adding an OCE server from the start will be a lost opportunity
Adding it down the road will not gather enough interest, a large amount of people would of moved on by then
Amazon needs to add OCE servers if they are to compete with the likes of other AAA+ gaming companies
Make a statement Amazon

Please reconsider


Hi Roxx,

Would like to seek your wisdom on the following scenario

  1. OCE player creates a character in US West and redeems the founder pack items
  2. OCE server releases
    3a) OCE player creates a character in the OCE server, will we be able to redeem the founder’s rewards there?
    3b) OCE player is allowed to transfer characters to OCE server with items in-tact

I think that’s probably a road to be travelled once we establish the road exists to begin with, Papaya haha. For now, a step in the right direction to get servers for Oceania would be great, and these additional steps can be figured out between now and release. Assuming we are provided a local server before the official release however; your scenario won’t be an issue. This is something Roxx probably can’t provide comment on, but definitely a scenario to be considered, if servers are provided to us after official release.


OCE Servers would be amazing!


Need to get a oceanic Lost Ark discord going if there isnt one already