Please Reconsider Weekly Reset Events

Hi, this has been bothering me since launch. Currently we kind of have 2 downtime days right before reset, and then reset itself is practically full of things to do to the point that it can be quite frustrating. Having to constantly drop what you’re doing to go and hit up a chaos gate/adventure island/ghost ship etc can be a bit overwhelming, and quite honestly irritating. In other regions they have the weekly reset on Wednesday and (at least in Russia’s case) the events are identical to ours in the Procyon Compass.

Tuesday - World Boss + Adv Island.
Wednesday - Adv Island.
Thursday - Ghost Ship + Chaos Gate + Adv Island.

Because the weekly reset sits on Wednesday for the other regions, they can just do the island and then focus on getting everything out of the way uninterrupted. We don’t have that over here and it feels pretty crappy having to drop what I’m doing just to do chaos gate + mapshare for example. Could we either move reset day to Wednesday, or shift everything one day over to make the overall week’s procyon compass feel a bit more coordinated with our reset day?

Also just as an additional note; please fix the EU clock. It moved down one hour about a month ago and there has been radio silence about this since then. Cheers.



i would imagine this wont change because smilegate already does Wednesday maintenance in korea and other servers, having no more time we get Thursday maintenance

It’s not about us have maintenance on Thursday. it’s about that we have to do calander events on maintenance day which isn’t like that in other regions. They should just push the calander days one day further so that means what we get on Wednesday which is nothing in the calander for example no Field boss, Ghost ship, or chaos gate. Should be on Thursday instead of Wedensday because it’s the weekly reset day for us in the west.

I think this would disrupt all weekend activities too