Please reduce HP Bar for Mount Zagoras Barrier

In West Luttera, Mount Zagoras, There are 3 Mokoko Seeds south of map that are blocked by two destroyable barriers. I spent over 60 minutes non-stop hitting the barriers, and they are not able to break down. I understand that more people could help destroy the barrier faster, but the HP bar is ridiculously too high. No one at this stage in the game wants to assist other players in this either.

Request that Amazon Games reduce to barrier HP on the next patch

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Random thought, does the pirate card set help with this? Do those barricades count as “lucky” monsters (which don’t have HP but a set number of “hits” to break).

But yeah, the Mount Zagoras barrier is infamous and takes quite a while even with several players wailing on it. There is another one in Yorn but not quite as bad (only 1 mokoko seed for that one though).

As for the Mount Zagoras one, I think there was a glitch where if you log in right next to the barrier, you can move down past it before it renders on the screen (bypassing it altogether).

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Oh and I almost forgot… here is some entertainment to watch as you break the barrier…


took me 17mins to solo the mokoko barrier in yorn with bard

its not a HP bar , its a hit thing

so does not matter if you do big dmg hits on it or autoattack

means just nonstop attacking it for 15-20 minutes breaks it

if you stop for 30 secs it resets

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Did it solo on a sorc , more hits , deff takes some time if ur on na east ill help you

Its not an hp bar, its a number of hits thing, just gotta keep hitting consistently without stopping til it breaks

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I broke two of those barriers in 15 ish minutes each, alone, with an artist.
She has 3 or 4 multi hit skills that makes it easier than most to break those.

But if they reduce it the dev team will no longer be able to gather and laugh over the water cooler at the hilarity of hundreds of thousands of players sitting there and hitting the stupid wall for all of that time.

its a grind, go grind 18mins at that wall

Call for help at the sea/port and ask if a 1500 can meet you at mount Zagoras. Then its just 5 min.

just put something to hold the autoattack button and go afk

like on zerk, autoattack moves you forward, so, ez

sorc has alot of hit count on her skills so it help speed things up, mainly spam sepharic hail and rime arrow while auto attack should reduce the time to like 8-10 mins ish

Didn’t AGS implement a anti afk/ bot prevention measures?
It might be dangerous to hold a button against a wall.

its that still a thing? lol

that would be hillarious then if one got banned for that, idk

Ban reason : we detected strange behavior from your account, multiple bot usage reports.
Really doubt nothing at this point.

Yeah they definetely have to take a look at not just that but many other things for collectables as there will be less and less people doing those as the new content and ilvl keeps rising.

Also no need to still have such time gating/consumption for collectibles as it will only slow down. hinder progression or annoy new or returning players, like mokoko seed collection, time gated adventure tomes at low level zones. Even some island souls should be re-adjusted can’t see for much longer having enough players to hit the stone egg on Spida island :slight_smile:

what is your item level and attack power?

15min with my 1500 switf scarpper 1460(long time ago) not much different just 2 min gap…