Please reduce the amount of daily redundant content - 2 CD/Guardians per roster per day

howdy! it would be lovely if you could implement the below change. 2 cd and 2 guardians per char per day is monotonous and burns so many people out.

  • after completing 2 chaos dungeons and 2 guardian raids per day, you can:
  • collect the rewards for 2 of each cd and guardian raid at an equal or lesser tier and ilevel
  • for example, you complete 2 1490 chaos dungeons and 2 1460 guardians on main
  • you can collect chaos dungeon and guardians rewards on all characters at or below 1490 chaos dungeon and at or below 1460 guardian for that day as long as they’re on the same roster. this does not require you to clear the dungeon or raid on those characters.

please please please consider adding this asap. it would be huge.



so you are telling me you wanna play 3+3min chaos dungeon and 3+3min guardian raid per day and then what log off?


if i want, but there’s tons of other stuff to do weekly + all of the adv island stuff in a day. 2 cd 2 guardians x All characters is so exhausting but sadly necessary in order to keep up

Below is an example of people wanting to play but the time requirement is too much. We need new players, QOL, catch-up mechanics, etc. or the game is going to die.

“I wanna play this game and get into so badly. But, to have play alts to keep up with gear and everyone else. Just don’t have the time sadly” - Comment taken from LostArks latest “odyssey continues trailer”


I have an idea: How about running the content just once a day? No one is forcing you to run it twice.


the game is literally setup to force people into playing alts. lol. theres no new content they only come out w new classes…


ppl who make such topics are definitely ppl coming from league or fortnite. Clearly you never touched single MMORPG before. every MMORPG is time sink and it will always be like that.


You do not NEED to do anything - the onus is on you.

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Yes, i know. But i just run them on my main and my main alt. I run the every second day on my other alts. And i never got a burnout yet.

like imagine you can play however and whenever you want and you are rewarded based on your effort. crazy right. just small advice. dont even install any ARPG or other MMOs. that would be painful reality check.

Yes. Game is about raids, not daily chores.


dont play them on rest bonus and play super leisurely = be gatekept on your main and main alt for not being 1540 on caliligos. its reality.

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clearly i wasted my previous life on warcraft and dont want to do that again.

well change the genre I guess. cause lets be honest. LA is way more forgiving if you skip something than WoW and if its still not enough for you then you should pick some single player games.

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Sorry to disappoint you but SG devs do not visit this forums.

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lol so sad and true

and sleep, so we can sleep 8hours again.


would be lovely. tuesday night is a frantic dash to make sure everything is done lol. i hate my wednesdays.

yeah they should do because people are getting crazy, cant stand to walk 30 seconds to the boss or they will start crying like babies. i feel sorry for them, poor stressed people from over playing a game…

I wanna do guardians on all my characters becuse i have them becuse i like playing different classes but 1 time per char would be enough… same for chaos or remove third room or make 1 big room where everything spawns faster