Please reduce the amount of daily redundant content - 2 CD/Guardians per roster per day

lost ark smilegate director gold river had said that he is totally againts reducing chaos dungeon/guardian raid entry per day.
so yeah, we just have to live with it.


I basically am doing it like Holo. I have one main and one second “main” doing the daily content every day. That totals the amount of play time every day at one to one and a half hours at max.

I have “only” 4 characters in my main roster(4th was added with summoner) and i am doing brel gate 6. The other two characters are only played on weekends :slight_smile:

If you use rested bonus it’s close to that. When you have 6 characters you only play 2x2 dungeons/guardians per day.

The amount of people defending this chore routine making me sad. OP my advice to you is get a job then use real money to buy gold, it’s much better that way

Short answer:
They won’t do that.

In FF they don’t have dailies and all you can do daily is RP or log off.

That sounds nice. Would have more time for other things, that are actually enjoyable.
Sadly in Lost Ark they are selling solution to those who do not want to do their daily chores, so yes, it won’t be changed any time soon. Tho I think they really need to start to seriously consider this, because raids are taking more and more time to finish. They aren’t exactly making new ones easier than previous raid, so it will be pretty bad once we get to Thaemine and Kazeros. I assume we will fight Kharmine at some point too.


I personally think doing that homework twice is stupid

2x4 minutes chaos dungeon ( i include loadingscreens) = 8 minutes
2x 6 minutes guardian ( i include loadingscreens and get the souls at the end) = 12

3x unas takes 2-5 minutes depending on what quests you doo

so even if you are slow its 30 minutes per character
thats a good amount of time

what i would like is instead of 2 guardians/chaos dungeon, make it bigger and let it take the same amount of time , that you should play each character if you want the benefits

dont reduce the time ! just make it longer per run and give the same reward


This sounds terrible imo.

Thats why i quit FF in the first place lol.

You can literally skip it for 2 days and just do rested bonus, you are choosing to log in and do 2x every day, the game allows people to do that but that doesn’t mean you should do that.

In the end most of your gold income is from raids and not from chaos/guardians

i never said in any form you have to do it every day

i said doing it 30 minutes per character is a good amount of time to spend

if you do it with rested or without did not matter in my suggestion

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Sorry my bad yeah, your suggestion is not actually bad, it’s almost the same but removing the loading screens.

People in this topic are so out of touch with the real world. It’s insane.

“look for another genre”

? What. The genre needs to change. That’s why the new MMO from Riot will be, 100000x better than lost ark. The lead designer does know this.

He say that he doesn’t want to force people to play 4h and want to respect our time.
Meanwhile Lost ark: Double daily, double GR / CR. Wants that to force to you on alts aswell.
It was a DECISION to make this game by the DEVS. We player have to play this game in their rules.

or this. Like yes. we have MORE than lost ark. So don’t make a game where you have the FEELING of falling behind if you don’t spend everything as a progress orientated person.

And here again.

This dude is designing the new riot mmo and he obviously played alot of games to know how we actually feel. Go read more topics about him and the new MMO and you will see: Everything we hate and complain about in Lost Ark, will be a million times better in riot mmo.

once that game comes out, lost ark will be dead for sure.


why you say the genre has to change ?

why it cant coexist both ?

some people like to invest alot of time
some dont

its personal preference and if they can do it timewise
the genre does not have to change

lost ark ist not a good mmo option for people who dont want or can invest alot of time without spending money

the game preferance is always whats your opinion and conditions

riot game is only sooo much better , if you like the game design , if 4 hours is not enough for you , stick to something like lost ark .

the context and comparison between both games is pretty hard , because the target group of both MMO´s is not the same

same like blue protocol , i know beforehand i wont touch it , not because its part of AGS because i dont like the theme and design

i like survival MMO´s aswell like Ark survival evolved
you can spent thousands of hours grinding there your ass of , and overnight when you were offline you can lost everything through a raid against you

all gone in a blink of an eye

The problem is, that all MMOs for now demanded WAY to much time. 4h a day is insane. Just think about it. This is a half job. Thats a no go. If you can invest so much time in a game, well do it. There is sidecontent or PvP or even more other games out there, where you can spend time. But a game itself should not give you the option to farm 4h a day and be so much ahead of others.

That just pressures those who don’t have such time (the majority) to feel left behind. Its a game developing decision. And obviously many people are unhappy with this.

Just look around: People in Lost Ark complaining every day about the amount of time this game demands. Streamers even say this. People in EU NA KR quitting the game. The playerbase shrinking day by day and yet people say “No its fine like it is”. This game is a titanic. It was a nice ride but we already catched the iceberg. We are sinking.

MMO genre is dead and it will stay dead if it continue to refuse to flow with the time.

sure the WOW time or any other mmo you played back then, was awesome. But remember: Many of us were kids. MMO were a new market and it was an awesome time consuming and memory making adventure. But these days are gone. We are grown now. We have responsibilities. Furthermore, we don’t have 4h/day. (The majority). Especially not to do repetitive stuff over and over again.
The Market also changed over the last 10 years. Fast games are more demanded than slow games. (That’s why f.E. League of Legends changed to fast games rather than slow games, yet they are still one of the best games out there).

What I want to say: People who sticks with the past and are unwilling to change because the future might be scary, will always left behind.

And in the end: Why are people here so scared if the game offers you a lesser daily chore? You guys have more than enough to do in this game. And it wont stop.
Elgacia will be another 6h / week adventure… ON TOP of the current weekly/daily chore…

Good luck managing your time with so much “content”.


i think the biggest self made issue in the western world is that FOMO thing

you know in kr most players dont do every homework

i dont do it either

last week i skipped 10 out of 18 possible goldraids , from my 7 other non gold earners i not even touch one raid

you know in kr most perople not even have 6 gold earners they use
but they use more money instead

for them its normal if you dont have the time , to use some money

sure they cant compete with western whales, but i mean, in the end they dont have
same diskussion i have in discord with guildmates which burn out , because they want to do every thing always , , they work, play sleeep repeat

i always tell them do what you have fun with not what you think you have to do

our guild is so pretty high , half of my guildmates could do brel hard next week if they need to

and we are over 60

people have just to realize that they dont have to fomo
and dont have to play always and everything

in the end profit wise , lost ark has one of the best concepts to print money for companies
because fomo is, especial in the smartphone industry one of the best money makers

But I don’t see why to he honest. Was there nothing enjoyable to in-game other than those potential daily chores?
I do Chaos Dungeon, Guardian Raids and Una only to get rewards. I do not enjoy the process of obtaining them too much, tho now and then I do like to do some guardians. Just not so many per day (or per 3 if doing rested). I would prefer to just do them whenever I feel like it, while keeping my weekly raids I guess mostly as is for now.

Those daily chores, especially Una and Chaos Dungeon, do not really bring any enjoyment for me, but I still feel compelled to do them if I want to keep up with people from my static and play together.
Plus if I fall behind too much I will likely end up being gatekept from at least some of the raids as the bar for entry keeps going up. If I’m gonna have to pay for a bus in order to get them done or wait in party finder for hours then I might as well just quit like you did with FF.

I’m really having a hard time understanding what is so good about Chaos Dungeon, Una or to some extent Guardians (to I do like them in moderation). If there were no rewards, would you do them? I doubt that. Besides, rewards in Lost Ark are kinda dull, it isn’t exactly Borderlands or Diablo with RNG gear to look forward to during loot drops.
So why not just make rested bonus be used up all on a single raid/chaos and accumulate at 100% rate, not 66.6% that we have now? Would be much more comfortable and still get the same rewards. For players that is win-win, but somehow I guess Smilegate loses here, cause less opportunities to sell stuff for players that log-in only once every few days maybe; tho Legion raids take so much time that personally I don’t think that it is such a big deal. Bigger issue (for SG that sells this for $) might be that materials would be more accessible, especially if Lopang slaves would start doing those boosted runs giving tons of mats.

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Okay let me tell you, i loved FF, i leveled up from 0 (didn’t used any boost) and i loved the whole early game, but once you enter to end game you start to reralize there is nothing to do aside from RP and weekly raids.

So my daily routine started to be just chilling in town doing absolute nothing.

Then one day i didn’t feel like login in, next day i did my raid and logged off, and then i realized i didn’t wanted to log in anymore since there was nothing else to do, just:
Reset day:
Log in, do raid in 2 hours, log off,

Log in again at the next reset:
Log in, do raid in 2 hours, log off,


At least on Lost ark im busy doing rested guardians and chaos (which gives you a good amount of gold to keep progressing your characters) lol

But you can just play different game, watch videos, go for a walk, read books. Anything really but doing this boring daily routine for me.
I guess you just didn’t enjoy weekly raids in FF so it makes sense to quit, but I wouldn’t do that with Lost Ark, cause I do like weekly raids (tho I feel like 18x is starting to be too much sometimes).

There are people who feel like Lost Ark is taking too much of their time and quit it, despite them enjoying parts of the game (I assume those are Legion Raids), so I think that “forcing” people to do those chores isn’t helping the game at all. It would be much better if you could progress at same or very similar pace if you did them much less often (only rested is still a lot).
And those who want to do them every day can still do that if they want - there are even extra rewards for endless chaos, tho they are so low that most people don’t bother. But if you like that chore, then do it for 16h every day I guess. :vulcan_salute:

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I dont think that most people are against a change of pace/reducing daily chores. I myself play 4 characters doing only 2 characters during the whole week while adding the other two on the weekend.

I do wish they would reduce them chores too. There were good ideas like using a quest system letting you choose your prefered content for the day. You could make islands viable again. Personally i enjoy making guardian raids but hate chaos dungoens. I need some engaging stuff. This whole mount collecting or rp things arent interesting for me. I was so glad when i finished my last side content drop so i can finally move on. And i only did the bare amount to get all the improtant stuff like potions and runes.

And there are people in here who would like to have more rapport item quests. And i am like “what, why”? :smiley:

No no, literally i enjoyed them (but i prefer lost ark raids/combat tho)

I just hate when you feel like there is nothing else to do in a game :confused:

They are not forced to do their 2x guardian&chaos daily thats the point, they can do rested or don’t do it at all, but they force themself to do it thats why they burnout