Please release contents the same as RU/KR

Idk why we are not getting the same stuffs when the game been out for 3 years? this is not a rant, im just a player who played in RU server but i cant stop thinking why we need to change or hold the content release for western version (Abyssal Raid / Heroic Guardian / Honing rates etc.) ? Can we just implement things the way KR/RU, the way LA it should be.

Let’s just do it like we do it like SP title release

MMORPG is not SP and sure as hell it’s not just translations and localizations needed for available contents.

You know the Russian server is also 2 years old, right…?

How can you possibly ask a month old server to release everything at once?

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All the “Content” you’ve listed came after Argos. The honing rates came a bit after Valtan, So that won’t be anytime soon.


People in the west are already overwhelmed by their 20% honing, you cant release everything at the same time, everyone will burnout.

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Well for reference in JP, challenge guardians were present in T1, almost a whole year before T3 release, and challenge abyss released with T3, 1 month before Argos. That’s the closest server to the AGS server in terms of content.

not asking to release everything once, but to transition game the way it should be like the other regions/servers.

Hmm… They already released Argos “too early” and had to write a long apology. Was that not enough ‘transition’?

They didn’t release anything “too early”, they kept the part of the update that makes the rest make sense, honing and T1/T2 should be completely skipped, in KR you do not spend days/weeks in these stages, everything should be way cheaper, and all chances 100%.

This was supposed to happen before, or with the argos update, AG decided to release it, and cut off the preparation for it, that was yet another mistake.

Besides, it’s beyond reason, it is impossible for me to imagine how could someone really have thought it would be a good, well received idea to hold back content, to generate some fake hype over old content.

Don’t they know we live in the age of information?! We have internet, we have streamers, we have youtubers, we can see what they are holding back, we can see our version of the game looks like a demo of the real thing, instead of just releasing the actual game, with the actual content and letting us get hyped by new classes, like the female berserker, they want us to get hyped over what? The Summoner released several years ago? Really?!

Nah, it’s unlikely, that plan is way too stupid to be believable, I still think it’s far more likely they just wanted to create a BS excuse to buy more time and censor more outfits of the unreleased classes, there’s a reason why so many female classes are being held back, the first skin was the omen skin, and the first class is going to be yet another dude.

If you start casting the fishing rod before you even put a bait on it, that still falls into definition of “too early” to me :confused:

Well, that would be your opinion though, so wouldn’t say it’s wrong. But there are number of people still get “hype” from the “old content”. If you don’t have anyone around you hyped with it, you can also check some streamers and youtubers talking about them.

And you are neglecting every single part of this game, and assuming that all players would be able to adopt the system at the end game without a problem… But I don’t think so.

Imagine getting a powerpass that allows you to skip to 1302 or even 1415 like the people in Korea do. They will be facing the single digit honing rate within the first week, and all the harder mechanics abyss dungeons and guardian raids. What makes you think that it is fair for players that never played Korean or/Russian version?

This is actually wrong. The honing chance increase was released after argos in those regions, but they had the additional content to get more mats, so this is what’s missing.

I see, but weren’t those changes made exactly to fix the issues the population is having right now?

Korean gamers were pissed off, last time I read about it, saying SG had already ran the test on them and they knew this would happen, there was no reason for this state of the game to ever be tried again.

Yes, it is fair, yes, it is required.

If you thought that content was fun, relevant, or that it added anything to the experience you wouldn’t be using those terms, you’d be sorry for those players missing out on such “great” content instead, other players do not owe you anything, they do not have to suffer through what you did because of AG’s oversights simply because you had to, if there’s a problem it needs to be fixed and right now we have one massive problem, players are quitting, people are pissed off, KR players are in agreement, even the company agrees.

They can’t honestly be telling us that they wanted to nerf T1 and T2 content, claiming it’s “boring” (and therefore they make it easier, AKA more boring, another mistake) and then hide behind statements such as that T1 and T2 are not supposed to be endgame, that people are not supposed to spend time there, that it should be over quickly and therefore anything done to those stages don’t really matter, and then keep players having to suffer through that content which they admited to be bad for as long as possible with horrible honing rates, material acquisition, material costs, daily locks, lack of extra sources, etc… All of which they have already addressed in the more serious servers.

It’s no wonder the game’s active players took such a quick nosedive within a single month, and if they expected to have even one week to fix these things just goes to show they don’t realize how urgent the situation was, most players are logging off to never return again.

Nope, this is also not true. Again, the fixed to this issue were the different ways of getting mats.
The incease in honing chance was an additional catchup mechanic when kr/ru got more endgame content (legion raids). So at least the honing chance increase was not a fix for this “deadzone” but actually a normal catchup mechanic as most games implement when more difficult and newer endgame content is released.


There is nothing “normal” about skipping content, at all, in fact it is normal to actually create content below the endgame phases of the game, the fact that they went into the complete skip route goes to show that it is, indeed, a mechanic used to solve that issue, and to get people out of there ASAP.

…? If you are talking about the lack of resources or contents that devs already pointed out… Why are you arguing the same thing again?

Any real stats? How are you confident it is “most” players?

Sure, let there be quitters, because there is no perfect game that suites every one’s taste.

Sorry to tell it to you but the only reason on why there is no way to skip to t3 is because it brings money to make ppl go the long way. T1 and t2 flopped in korea but yet they release the version without it being skipable same with the dead-zone a lot of ppl won’t want to wait and go the longer way and would use money in oder to progress faster. About the content they for sure hope to bring more attention to the game and more hype by bringing regular new updates(content).

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Yes, the devs admited, which makes a counter point not really realevant, the issue is that they are

  1. Taking more time than they have, the game’s losing about 100k players per week, they do not understand the urgency of their own situation, there are plenty of players in dead servers already unable to kill any of the field bosses because there are no more players in their own servers for it.

  2. They are still trying to go halfway to “see what happens” in such an urgent situation, which means they don’t understand the situation at all, and as the poster above said, SG already knew this state of the game could/would kill the game, it almost killed their own version of the game afterall.

Also, the stats are called steamcharts, it’s all public.

Well, I would never expect any MMORPG would retain 1.3 million concurrent players in 2022. It is literally expected that people will quit if the game doesn’t work for them.

Because of the huge hype, and extended addition of servers to allow those 1.3 million players, yes I agree there maybe some servers that lost too many players. But that has nothing to do with the missing contents, as like you are arguing.

Yes, and that is why they wrote a huge apology, and will fix the game to parts required. However, not the part where you are arguing, which is:

I don’t know if you have watched any interviews or news, or even the summary from youtube… The dev continuously said it is the T3 and Legion raid that is the core fun of the game.

So they are literally rushing to release all the contents with the pace of western players. It’s amazing, because someone else on the forum was arguing that the speed of content release is too fast.

It wasn’t a huge success, but it was no way dear death for the game even at that moment. Is a game dead if there is no 100K+ concurrent players? I can tell you how many games have less players than that, but still profit with positive margins.

Yes, yes it is dead.

You may say that it’s normal for a MMO to lose a lot of players post release when the hype dies down, and I’ll agree.

But I’ll also say that it is normal for MMOs to flop, get into life support mode and/or simply shut down after a while.

An actual successful MMO does not lose players, at all, when it is doing well, Genshin Impact had massive hype, the following month it got even more players, and the next month it gained even more, and the net gain after a year of release was still positive, it’s not decreasing at all, for each player quitting they are getting 1.5 new players, that’s what a MMO success looks like.

Also, even right now FFXIV, after they’ve made some changes is having over 2m+ concurrent players.

Taking the metrics of other regular games, like Elden Ring, where players just play through the story then uninstall to never play again doesn’t work for MMOs, much less comparing it to the plethora of dead MMOs in the market, Lost Ark had the potential to be massive, seen by the hype it had on release in the west, and it’s throwing all of that away.

They are planning on doing stuff to fix the heading of the game within months, when they don’t even have a single week, that’s just lazy and sloppy on the devs part.

Besides it is pretty much objectively bad when servers are unable to even do group content like open world raids and bosses, because there aren’t enough players to kill them in time, and people are begging for server merging, the signs of a dead game, after a single month.