Please Release Valtan sooner than you planned

Please, release Valtan sooner than you “planned”, if you are afraid to get the same response as it happened with Argos I’ll tell you this: Argos problem wasnt because it was released too soon, because you basically did what Gold River talked about on that show so that’s fine, the problem was that you didnt communicate at all that you planned to actually do that, and you also didnt say before argos that ppl shouldnt be pressured to spend money to do Argos earlier since you planned to introduce catch up mechanics and more ways to get honing materials.

So, what I think is that you should release Valtan earlier than mid May since there is a clearly lack of content on T3. And again, if you dont want ppl to feel pressured then add catch up mechanics already, add guardian trials, add everything we’re lacking to gain more mats and tell the community that they shouldnt feel pressured since you plan to add all those systems so they can catch up, cuz right now ppl that loved the game and yea, played a lot of hours feel like they dont matter since you are delaying content untill those who play less characters/hours get to where they are…

Everybody should be able to play the game they way they want to so what you have to do is making it easier for those behind while giving content for those ahead.

Im sry if sometimes I wasnt able to express myself correctly, im not a native english speaker so… yea I apologise beforehand.