Please Remove "Awakening: Chaos Shards"

Awakening: Chaos Shards is consumable that costs 250 Silver a piece from a Merchant or you buy them as a stack of 10 in Market for 1-2 Gold. 1 will be consumed when you use you Awakening Skill. If you dont have an Awakening: Chaos Shards you cannot use your Awakening Skill.

This is just a silly System to have a Skill bound to if you have a consumable that you have to buy, but there is more. Who do you think is buying Awakening: Chaos Shards to sell them for 1 Gold in the Market, dont think most players have the silver leftover to try to efficiently genereate gold like this. Bots use this to generate Gold for their Silver.

Just Remove Awakening: Chaos Shards and either make the awakening cost the fee or just remove it altogether, its silly that you can run out of them in a Raid, wich makes you not be able to use an essential Skill, plus some Set-Bonus are bind to it.

ps.: You also need Awakening: Chaos Shards in pvp wich uses the “Book of Coordination”.

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some sells chaos shards for gold in AH because there is demand for it inside raids for people who ran out of em while raiding and can purchase it by having the crystalline aura. and i can assume, anyone who has lopang alts can afford to purchase those shards and put them in AH regularly. anyway the shard is related to game lore so doubt SG/AGS will consider removing them outright.

Well if they dont want to remove it they can just make one as a quest item that never gets consumed.

interesting, what lore, i have been doing G simulator.

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its beside the point whether you can buy them from within raids, it’s stupid to tie a skill to a purchasable resource that just creates another cash sink… what for? are there not enough cash sinks already in the game? It is not something a gamer will consider “fun”…

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