Please remove ez anti cheat

The only thing ez anti cheat does is slow down every PC and the start … It is hacked for years as I see people every bot has speedhack in pvp slot cheat too… It has no use …
Use a good one or none at all but for now this tool is only.punishing the fair gamers.
It’s unbelievable for me Amazon using a tool that is known to be cracked for so long … Who scammed you to buy this ???


Meanwhile, EAC process can be killed after launch with no adverse effects on the game itself.

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It would be much better if Amazon develops its own system, these security companies seem to collude with bots, punish the righteous and impunity reigns in all games because there is no legislation for this. ps.:my opinion regarding my country, brazil regarding the laws.

Really? If that’s the case, I’ll kill it every time because waiting for it to close when I crash is rage-inducing during an aura chaos run.

Yes as long as its not the Guys that created the Chatfilter. Otherwise the game wouldnt even have access to the own gamefiles probably :smiley:

Wow u can just close it? They rly scammed ags xD maybe I can program something not working and ags buys it as well xD