Please remove Knowledge Transfer Limit 9x lvl 50 t1

The gamers are already over 1300, I think it is unnecessary now. It takes 10 15 hours to level 50 lvl and it doesn’t make any sense and there is no such thing as a t1 market mat.Set 2 limits per month and reset every month maybe

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unnecessary and hasnt been done in KR. with the 3 powerpasses we’ve had, thats 12 characters. twice the amount that the game is designed around.

sure people are enthusiasts and want to play more. so do the enthusiast thing and level.

i asked saintone how many times hes manually leveled to 50, he said “too many”

i tried it once and i almost passed out ,300 item lvl is nothing and they are still limited 9x maybe the eu version will be different, those who play here are not like koreans, they pass out quickly