Please remove my game restrictions

My steam account is xerxess77,
During my use of ARK game, I found that my account cannot use the game trading system.
I have recharged in the game for this, but I can’t use it. thank you.

I think you should post this in game support not feedback

I’ve manually moved your post over to game support for better visibility, you can also create a web ticket on our support site. Thanks!

Welcome to our forums @Xamsiya & @Khonshu

I apologize you’re having this issue with Account Restrictions.

This is a security measure that has been implemented on Lost Ark , here on this link below we have more information in detail :

Amazon Games

Account Restrictions - Support | Amazon Games

Please note that accounts that have not met certain requirements with Steam will have lower purchase limits and will not be able perform certain in-game actions as listed in this link :

Hope this helps,
Thank you for the patience have an excellent week.


Hello, i also have account restrictions but my steam account is fully verified (i recently bought games, have 2FA enabled and waited 2 weeks, and i can use the community market) since 17th january, and i’m still unable to use the market or trade, can you please fix this issue in my account as soon as possible, i’m really frustrated and can’t trade with my friends because of this. Thank you.
Character name: Mîrâiî
Region: Europe Central
Server: Mokoko
Character level: 50

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Hi @miraichaann

Hope you’re doing excellent today :sparkles: :ribbon:

I apologize for all the inconvenience with the trust status on your account , after doing some research I found you just to need to wait for this to enabled , I saw another post were this was already explained so please refer to that post :slight_smile: :

Thank you for the understanding on this and all your patience.