Please remove Pheon

Why do I need to buy blue crystals to buy pheons to buy/sell in market?

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Pheons are basically how Smilegate chose to regulate the markets. They don’t want people continuously sniping (buying low/selling high) and reselling items like costumes and high end accessories and armor.


And this is good!

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Yes please keep them pheons was a good add I don’t mind it just hopefully they implement the same ratio in the KR version after the last update “they lowered the amount of pheon needed” I’m not sure if they did already in the closed beta didn’t try or see myself just wanted to confirm that to avoid confusion.

idk what it was before but it only costs 1 to buy something off the AH.

No, that is not it. They are there so you have to pay more money to play the game. That’s it.

IT has nothing to do with any sort of altruistic or benevolent reason.

It’s predatory and scum tactic to entice people to pay money. It’s horrible, the literal worst thing in any game I have ever seen in my life.


lmao now everyone wants pheons gone…amazon should have just listened to feedback

Fk feedback, saying that in regard of having no official response after 7 month at all about the issue


Each tradable item has a counter ( can be traded X times ) - that’s how SG regulates the markets. Pheons are just a pure tax, nothing else.

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