Please remove Phoenix Plume from pvp islands

Phoenix plumes completely and utterly kills the fun of pvp islands, especially ones with chests involved. People should absolutely not be able to rez in anything besides the default spawns.

The islands are a ton of fun, except when a bunch of people are spamming plumes and it’s impossible to open chests.

I have had an island where one opponent phoenix rezzed over 50 times and the entire thing timed out before anyone got the chest, he just died on the chest and rezzed to interrupt anyone getting it. Completely and utterly ruined the fun.


happens on every pvp island. just 1 guy rezzing next to the chest. then it times out.

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I agree, I experienced it on Media lastnight that was already 5vs3 for some reason

Phoenix plumes and pvp should never mix!

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PvP and PvE shouldn’t exist.

Want to open chests / get rewards for being an “OP” class in PvP? Go play in the proving grounds :joy:


Most useless comment goes to you! You’ve managed to contribute absolutely nothing to the discussion

Yes, because your one sentence and 7 words was so inspiring as well.

Phoenix plumes and pvp should never mix!

Let me post a topic.
As soon as it gets bumped off the front page - let me repeat my opening statement again for extra exposure.

Slow clap.

I have added to the discussion. If you want rewards for being skilled at PvP - stick to the proving grounds. Otherwise why deny less skilled players the opportunity to also get chests on pvp islands by using feathers.

Your entire premise is players ONLY do this to troll. I argue that is simply not going to be the case all the time, and to some players, feathers might be the ONLY chance they get to open one of these chests.

Hence my original statement. PVP and PvE should never co-exist.

[edit] Decided to add a 7 sentence wonder of my own - you know - to add to the discussion:

Remove chests from pvp and not feathers.

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Why shouldn’t pvp be rewarded or have more content than proving grounds?

Because (and again personal opinion) there is a significant difference between being rewarded for being skilled at game mechanics, such as PvP, in contrast to rewards provided by RNG.

Some of the PvP islands grant the island soul through sheer grinding. No one can really complain about these. You’ll get the rewards you seek, it may simply take a little while longer, but you can measure your progression.

Other PvP islands are RNG, but this RNG can be boosted by opening island chests (Illusion Island and Lush Reed).

I argue that collecting souls is far more valuable to all players, in comparison to the cosmetic rewards available in PvP proving grounds.

Souls grant access to sailing compasses, Stronghold statues, and masterpieces. Most players would consider these items valuable to aid in both horizontal and vertical game progression.

Now there is an argument that under RNG, anyone could get any reward at any time simply by taking part - yes, you’re not wrong. Now. Imagine you are not very skilled at PvP or simply don’t enjoy the PvP experience so you are prone to dying. Imagine you’ve visited Illusion isle for the 50th time desperate to get the island soul.

The OP of this thread has provided feedback, as is their right, that phoenix feathers are the issue. I argue that is not the case. The presence of chests and the RNG buff they provide is the real reason why these islands create a love or hate community relationship and drive the “toxic” behaviour the OP observed with feathers, again, assuming this behavior is only to troll. To some players, respawning next to chests and denying others the opportunity to open a chest is perhaps the only way they will ever have a chance to get access to this content themselves.

Is the ultimate argument, hey, just remove RNG. Perhaps. But at least Pheonix Feathers (which aren’t cheap by the way) provide a slightly level playing field regardless of skill.

Sorry, but you are wrong. The island token is available on participation in the event. You get the same chance of getting it as everyone else, whether you are #1 or #last.

The box is a bonus. The content it drops is not valuable, it’s there for fun. The only reason you would phoenix plume for it is purely for trolling because a single phoenix plume is already worth more than what you get in the box, which is a simple non-select grenade box.

Having phoenix plumes be active in pvp benefits only a single type of person - a troll and one with deep wallets and lack of brain cells to go with it. That’s a small subset of whales, and an even smaller subset of players.

If you use phoenix plumes to try and get these chests, you are trolling yourself and everyone else on the island.

They need to be disabled.

But at least Pheonix Feathers (which aren’t cheap by the way) provide a slightly level playing field regardless of skill.

This is the single most dishonest statement I have ever seen in my life. Phoenix feathers are there specifically to do the opposite of leveling the playing field. They are there specifically to throw the odds MASSIVELY in favor of players with deep wallets. They are 9 crystals a pop. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve drained someone of over 50 in a single fight and the entire island timed out. That’s a troll, there is simply no way to logic yourself out of that fact.

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This is incorrect. I earned the Lush Island Reed Soul from a chest box and not from the participation reward.

Basically, the entire argument above is factually incorrect.

Yes, as a bonus, you dunce.

The chest you get for island completion is the same for everyone, it contains everything you can collect. Every chest you get after that is a bonus.

Seriously, this is like arguing with half a brick. Not even a full one. How are you this dishonest? Are you a politician IRL or something?

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I’ll break it down in easier to understand segments:

Rewards are RNG. RNG improved by chests.

Chests not just grenades chests as OP implies if potential rewards include souls

Chests therefore not just fun/bonus to players seeking island souls, they are a time saver

I’m starting to think the OP’s real argument is they can’t afford feathers/are more angry others choose to spend money/gems on them which is not your concern at all.

If you don’t like solid arguments - don’t bother making a thread. This entire community is full of players who make threads with a single objective, and the moment someone has an alternative solution, they throw a hissy fit, and insults.

Have the decency to engage in a polite manner, as I have done, or don’t bother providing your feedback.

um fighting over chests is actually fun and would be even better without plumes. There are island souls involved aswell. Plus the proving grounds suck.

And his comment still adds more than both of yours.

You aren’t making “solid” arguments, you are making absolutely insane dishonest arguments.

The simple truth is pvp is pvp, you aren’t playing against NPCs and thus should not have cash shop bonuses, especially one as powerful as a phoenix plume. If you want your bonus boxes, you should be pvping for it, just like everyone else. Pvp should always be as fair of an environment as is possible, and pvp islands are no exception. That’s what makes pvp fun, you are interacting with other people in a competition, just like any sport.

That’s the point of the island. You get your participation box, then pvp for the bonus rolls. Using phoenix plumes completely kills the fun for the rest of people and is a selfish and losers mentality.

I am being polite - calling your arguments dishonest when they have no basis in reality.

The truth is, you’re a whale who is bad at the game, but you still feel entitled to the bonus boxes and you are willing to ruin the fun of everyone else on the island by abusing a cash shop item that gives you an unbeatable advantage. You have no shame and no sense of sportsmanship, and on top of that, are insanely dishonest, and dare accuse others of being rude for calling you out.

The entitlement is absolutely unreal. Your attitude is absurd.

You are exactly the reason why plumes should be disabled in every single pvp aspect. You don’t deserve the bonus chests because you are unable to accomplish the island objective for them.


You based this what?

  1. Have I implied I used feathers so I must be a whale?
  2. You’ve seen my bank statement and know how much I’ve spent on the game? (The answer might shock you!)

Yes. My friend. You are the rude one. For making BS assumptions like this one above.

The entitlement is absolutely unreal. Your attitude is absurd.
You are exactly the reason why plumes should be disabled in every single pvp aspect. You don’t deserve the bonus chests because you are unable to accomplish the island objective for them.

So I can’t have a logical, argument and make case points without you assuming they only apply to me. Once again, the reason narrowed minded people should not make threads in the first place.

That is the thing, your argument is completely illogical and he is right. The only reason you would be defending this is because you do it yourself. (Get pwned so keep pluming and not let the victor get the chest)

The simple fact you defend feather use on islands makes it obvious.

Not a single person who is good at the game and/or enjoys pvp would ever want a p2w aspect that breaks sportsmanship and competition. You are also going through insane mental hoops to justify their use, it’s very obvious you’ve done it and feel personally insulted that others are calling for their banishment. That’s literally the only reason you’re in this thread, you mistook it as something personal because you are part of the problem.

The better you are at something, the more you prefer a fair environment. This is true with every single competitive game or sport or hobby out there. Only bad players would ever defend something that provides inherently unfair or unbeatable advantages, especially when it’s related to a cash shop.

This is true for every single game that’s ever existed. Lost ark isn’t the first, it isn’t the last, and I will very likely be in this same conversation again in the future. You aren’t unique, just like every other bad whale out there, you will jump in and make the same terrible arguments they always make to try and justify their actions.

So I can’t have a logical, argument and make case points without you assuming they only apply to me

Of course you can. You just haven’t said a single honest thing in this entire thread.

Absolutely not the case in the slightest.

Without revealing too much about myself, I used to work in community moderation. And if there is one thing it teaches you, is to be very open-minded and consider the wider player base, including those who are not good at PvP and the very bases of the points I raised.

Are you denying, in this game of 200k plus players, there aren’t players who might struggle with pvp and might see feathers as an alternative to improve their odds at opening chests for RNG rewards? Hell, even if they used the 200 free feathers the game provides from the storyline quests alone.


Ironically, if the chests didn’t exist, the OP wouldn’t be in here throwing around wild, and very inaccurate assumptions (remember that toxic behaviour we discussed earlier?)

The chest is not the problem, the plumes are. How hard is that to understand?